9th Nov 2004, 00:50

Did that year have Carbs? I'm pretty sure it was fuel injected. How did they clean the carb?

6th Mar 2005, 04:15

Your review was just plain terrible. "My window that I never use made a noise"?!?!??!?! WHO CARES? I'm sorry, that was rude. But really, you are being WAY too picky here. I just bought an 03 deville yesterday and took a good 200 mile trip in it to see if it was a lemon. So far no problems except one... the car thinks that it has low coolant, but doesn't (checked level, and the car never overheated after being on for hours and hours). I love my caddy. It makes my old Fleetwood look like a crappy Honda.

15th May 2005, 01:05

I own a 2001 DeVille DTS. I bought it one year ago from my brother. He had a real problem with the way the car guzzled oil and told me to keep 2 quarts in the trunk for an emergency. He also warned me about a message that would come on about the right wheel being unstable, and to ignore the message because in 18 visits to the shop they couldn't solve the problem. My problem is considerably more serious. About once a month the car looses power. This happens driving about the city. I've taken it to 2 dealers and they keep replacing parts of the computer, but it still happens. I'm scared to death to drive the car now for fear someone is going to smash into me. Can anyone help?

13th Jun 2005, 09:06

You want a very serious suggestion? Get rid of the car and get another one - no car can seriously be worth all of that hassle and money to repair it all of the time, I'd just get a new one!

16th Jul 2005, 19:19

With regard to the person who thought the author was being too picky, I think that comment was extrememly foolish. If you had purchased your De Ville new, which it is apparent you didn't, and paid the premium car companies force you to do, I'm sure you would have certain expectations too. If I purchase a car new, and pay the kind of money this author had, I would expect there to be only regular maintenance for the first few years at least! Thus, it has nothing to do with being "picky" at all... just poor quality on the part of GM.

6th Dec 2005, 00:47

I bought a 2001 Cadillac Deville and I've had tons of problems with it in the past four years.

1) Excessive vibrations/pulsations in the steering wheel when I apply the brakes. Vibrations are felt at speeds as low as 40 mph. I took the car to Midas and they told me I had warped brake rotors. They machined the rotors and the problem was fixed.

2) One day, I drove to the store, went in, bought some crap, then I came out and the car wouldn't start. When I put the key in the ignition, none of the lights in the car would turn on and the power door locks didn't even work. My dad came in his car and tried to jump start me, but nothing happened. I called AAA and had them tow my car to the dealer. The dealer said that my battery had leaked and the acid ate a hole in something in my engine. They had to replace the battery and some other stuff and I was without my car for MORE THAN FOUR WEEKS.

3) The air conditioning vent on the driver side closes by itself and does not stay open.

4) The CD player just one day decided that it did not want to work. When I turned it on, all it said was something about an Error. I took it to the dealer and they had to replace it.

5) For a while, the trunk did not open when I pushed the button on my keychain. All I heard was a clicking sound coming from the latch on the trunk, but it did not open until after I pressed the button four or five times.

6) Now, many times when I start the car and put it into gear, it begins to shake -- err, no, "shake" is not the right word. It is difficult to explain. As it is moving, it sort of jerks back and forth. It continues this jerking for about 20 seconds. This only happens when I am traveling at speeds less than 10 mph. It does not only happen just after I turn on the car, but rather whenever I slow down or when I am speeding up after having been stopped.

7) OIL! This car LOVES to consume oil! I have to keep oil in my trunk for emergencies because I am constantly having to add more oil.

8) The rear DC power outlets do not work. Dealer was not able to fix this problem.

I am getting ready to sell this thing! I have put over 87,000 miles on it and the warranty is for 100,000 miles, so I want to get rid of it before the warranty expires.

17th Jan 2006, 05:19

I own a 01 DHS and it now has 97,000 miles. so far I had my heated seats replaced, some transmission work, and some other stuff done, and for some reason my door hinges on the front driver and passengers side doors are uneven... lately when I put the key in it doesn't start, it feels like the chip in the key is not workin. I have to try to start it several times before it turns over. I haven't took it to the dealer yet, but will asap. does anyone know where I can find a service book, that tells me when to service what at whatever amount of miles.

26th Jan 2006, 16:58

Please add email addresses to your reviews. I am interested in purchasing a Cadillac Deville. Currently, I am looking at 2001 and 2002. I prefer the DTS, but I may consider settling on the DHS. I prefer the DTS because I like the front headlights and rim style. Most of the Cadillacs that I have been looking at have about 65K. Also, I am looking for vehicles with Night Vision. If you have Night Vision, please post a review stating whether you like it or not. Feel free to contact me about whether you believe purchasing a Cadillac is worth it. I have always been a fan of Cadillac, but I have only owned a Toyota. They never had a problem. I am 25 and I have to buy a larger car so I want to get the Cadillac. If you believe Cadillacs have too many problems, let me know. Thanks. wejohnson@hotmail.com.

27th Mar 2006, 15:30

Just for everyone's information, if you ever get an error about the theft system, take your key and a little WD40. Spray the key and put it in the ignition, move the key in and out several times. This should fix the problem of the pellet in the key not being read correctly.

20th Apr 2006, 11:20

They cleaned the carburetor? On a Northstar? Can you say "fuel injection"? That kind of negates the rest of your complaints. And a lousy dealer is not the car's fault.

19th May 2006, 21:36

My brother spent just over $15,000 in under two years on his, it is one thing after another. I have been to the service department with him to help him out and the service technicians actually do not have anything nice to say about the car either. And the service technicians say the Catera and Seville are worse! Some of the issues he has are not resolved after waiting weeks, parts are expensive, it does not drive well under low throttle. The service technician recommended selling the car.

But, it is an absolutely beautiful car mostly, it just takes a lot of spare change.