26th Apr 2008, 19:39

20:30, I had a flat in my Buick Park Avenue and had to disconnect the battery to get the information center to re-set.

29th Apr 2008, 12:52

2001 Cadillac DHS

Bought 2 yrs. ago 60,000 miles. Replaced water pump 4 months later was told common problem for Cadillac.

Uses 1-2 quarts of oil between oil changes told common problem for Cadillac.

Started jerking & shaking had hole in rubber boot between throtle body & intake told common problem for Cadillac.

Had to replace right front wheel sensor told common problem for Cadillac.

On 3rd Right front window regulator told common for Cadillac.

Now left rear door has no power to window or door lock.

Left rear power plug not working.

Both front seats quit working yesterday no power heard clicking sound fron under dash before they quit.


In-laws bought 2002 Kia Sedona new now has 90,000 has had no problems.

1st May 2008, 17:44

May 1, 2008 My wife's first Cady was a coup DeVille. They STOPPED making them... It was a 1988 and we sold it to my son in 2001 with 293,000 miles on it for $1.00. He sold it 2 years later with over 300,000 miles for $1,000.00.

Before selling it to my son we traded the same car in on our 2001 DHS. Cady gave us $2,000.00 as an "Owner Loyalty" trade-in but said we could keep the car.

Our DHS is loaded from an $800.00 rear window screen to Night vision. We figured we would have this one until we retired. Thank God for the 50,000 mile warranty. We must of had $10,000.00 worth of service and car rentals.

Then it went crazy. @ 52,000 miles the tranny went. It was going to cost $3,600.00. I told my dealer I would bring it in but wanted to talk with the Regional Rep. from GM. Cady fixed the tranny for free as a courtesy for staying with them for 18 years.

Now it's the power windows that are confusing me. I ask you "How can the greatest American car company put "Made In Mexico" cheap plastic and wire controls in a Deluxe $50,000.00 plus automobile? Then turn to a die hard customer and say "that will be $550.00 please".

It wouldn't have been that bad if we lived on a toll road, everyday up and down window, part of the country. We live in the south and NEVER open our windows. My wife leaned on the button by mistake and the window went down and wouldn't go back up. One use and "cooked". The same thing happened when I pushed the button so that I could hook up the rear window screen. "Cooked" and now this week the other rear window... you know "cooked".

Let's see... does that mean a Cadillac DHS has over $2200.00 worth of "Made in Mexico" window controllers? If Cady is happy with "Not Made In America" parts and hiring "Made in Mexico" techs shouldn't they be charging us only Pasos for the repairs?

20th May 2008, 23:20

I have 2001 Cadillac DHS with 85,000 miles.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones... 3 out of 4 windows work, however last year I've lost AC on driver side.

In the winter, message center displays "service stability system" message, but in the spring message goes away.

Engine loves oil, quart every now and then.

Two years ago, engine temperature went up. Owners manual talks about been able to do several miles in this condition to get to the safety, I did about 3 to get off the highway... Engine had to be taken apart and fixed... $2,500.00.

Rear console controls don't work.

Driver side heated seat does not work.

From time to time, the engine will die in the middle of the road, after few times it happened I've learned not to panic and try to safely stop the car, I simply put the tranny in the Neutral and turn the key. Car always starts.

Driver side back window control works only down. I have to close it from driver door console.

Coolant level is one of the most often seen messages.

Tire pressure never seems to be right...

This is my first and last Caddy.

27th May 2008, 15:29

I bought a 1999 Deville with 35,000 miles at a local dealer in August, 2006. Always wanted a Cadillac, and I loved the ride. It was and still is a beautiful car. Bought it to replace my wife's car and to drive on trips. In-laws had a 1990 Deville that was a dream with few problems at all.

Problems encountered: 1 fuel gauge has been inaccurate from the start. To compensate, I keep a log of fuel fillups and reset the trip odometer to zero. When the trip odometer reaches 250, I know I have a little reserve, but it's time to fill up again.

2 Within a few weeks, the power steering malfunctioned and had to be repaired. I still notice a "clunk" when turning hard to the left. Otherwise, it's functioning OK.

3 Most aggravating problem, however, is a "jerking" phenomenon when accelerating. This occurs both at low speed and at highway speed. Dealer wanted $2,600.00 to repair it after I paid $250 for diagnostic test. Have taken it to local independent mechanics, but they haven't determined the cause and cure.

4 Check engine light now stays on constantly. Have been told it is a transmission sensor malfunction and to ignore it.

This will be my first and last Cadillac.

17th Jun 2008, 22:57

2001 Deville.

I bought this car almost a year ago, had 78,000 miles on $9000.00. Nice looking car, but the problems turn me against anything that may accidentally be good about the car.

Front hubs had to be replaced, dealer took care of this.

Front struts had to be replaced over $2000.00 for this.

The engine loves oil I have only driven the car about 6000 miles and it uses a quart about every 2 tanks of gas. I have done WOT to remove carbon and all that does is waste my $4.00 a gallon gas. I am told NS is a high performance engine, drive it hard. What kind of fool decided to put a high performance oil burner engine in a lux car? I can just see all the granny's and grandpa's floorboarding their caddy.

The rear radio speaker under back glass makes an irritating rattling sound. Had to set radio to turn it off.

The front dash board pad is curling on each side, dealer wants $1800 to install new one.

The steering has a clunking noise that the dealer can't find.

The rear deck lid rattles when it is being closed. It is normal so says the dealer. They all do that.

There are many other problems, way too many to list.

Today I by accident pressed the driver side passenger window button; the window stayed down, regulator quit, they want $560 to repair with a brand new plastic part.

I always wanted a Cadillac, I got one, now I want to get rid of one really bad. Never again will I buy one of the money pit lemons dressed in designer clothes. I fix one thing then something else breaks.

This has to be the most problematic car I have ever owned. BTW the ride is not that smooth.