9th Feb 2008, 20:38

New Owner of a 2001 DTS:

I was a previous owner of a 2000 Deville, kept it till about 150,000 miles. I had regulators go out on 3 out of 4 the windows. car would shut off at 60 mph. later found out it was the crankshaft position sensors which I got a great deal on eBay.

Then coolant warning always came on, even when it was full, bad sensor I guess. so I decided to upgrade to the 2001 DTS. it has 88,000 miles. the driver side regulator is gone. dealer is replacing and I have that same vibration at speeds over 70mph.

I am planning on getting new tires, and after balancing, etc. I will see if the problem still exist. Also the information system says that the tire pressure is low on the front left tire, but air in and it still reads that. Haven't had any other problems, I love the car.

My father had a 2000 DTS and he brought in 2001 with 3000 miles, and had to take it back to the dealer 7 times, yes, 7 times for oil leak. He got rid of it 2 years ago and got a Lexus 430. Whatever! I personally will choose my America DTS over the Japanese Lexus. You think Cadillac is expensive to keep. Ask my dad about his Lexus when the headlight went out. it cost him 650.00 to replace it.

17th Feb 2008, 04:01

I have a 2001 with just over 100,000 miles. Constant problems. Overheating. Ticking noises in transmission. Service Engine light always on. Coolant light always on. Always getting it fixed and 2 days later more issues. A nightmare.

23rd Feb 2008, 05:50

I have owned Cadillac's since 1979, except for the period in the 1980's when Cadillac was relocated to a corporate car rather than the product of the Cadillac Motor Car Div., it has been one of the finest automobile's ever built. I would encourage Cadillac owner's to treat their cars as a fine motor car instrument. For those fortunate to own a Cadillac with the Northstar engine, please contact me regarding problems and I will be more than willing to assist.

M. G. Vanderburg


7th Mar 2008, 02:45

I have an 01 Cadillac DTS and it has been extremely good to me! I have to admit 3 of the 4 window regulators have gone out on me, but I knew they were going to go out when I bought. Bought it at 60,000 miles and now at 125,000 and it still runs great. These are the only things that I have had to deal with. Ignition Coil replacement, Coil boot replacement, hub bearings driver and passenger (that causes trembling on one side almost like ticking noise.), and I had a belt pulley to replace. I have 2 codes on it now for fuel trim system bank and I will get a fuel injection cleaning on tomorrow. If you don't get consistent maintenance on these cars you can expect to have major trouble. My dad always drove a Cadillac and I plan to continue the tradition. I expect to get at least 250,000 mile and, I plan on keeping mine until at least 2015! Long Live the Caddy!

20th Apr 2008, 17:54

Like most of you I love Caddy's too. I'm currently on my second DeVille, which is a 2001. Bought it last year with 83000 miles.

So far the sunroof has slipped off track from what I'm told, plus when it rains now it leaks in my car do to a clog, which will cost me $250 to get done at the cheapest place I've seen so far.

I constantly get a check coolant, no matter how much coolant I add.

Had to replace the actuator for the AC last June before I hit the road ($450); it only blew cool air on passenger side. I'm having the same issue again, and since work was done at Firestone, I was only covered for 6 months.

My car shut off on me while passing thru Atlanta on I-85 in the middle of traffic with my niece in the car with me; that was in January and hasn't happened since.

I get shaking over 60mph also. When I brake it vibrates, but I know from my 98 model that it's the rotors ($450 when I had that one repaired).

Now I have the service light on. I checked the code myself and it says some kind of fuel issue; can't remember exactly what it was, but have to get it looked at.

My passenger side regulator went out; fortunately I found a replacement regulator for $39 on partstrain.com (lifesaver... dealer told me $600 for the whole thing).

Also when I'm stopped at a light my car shakes; first time I've experienced that in any car. No idea what it is right now. Still troubleshooting, but it stops that when I gas it. I'm guessing it's either a fuel problem or spark plugs. I have 98K miles on it now.

Last thing.. I can't complain, because it was my fault, but I ran up on the curb accidentally and broke the bracket on my air pump, didn't notice til I got home that the hose was hanging under my car. I have it secured back in place for now, but I have no luck with finding a new piece, since I know the dealer will charge arm and leg, and neither Autozone nor Advance Autoparts has it. Says dealer only. Guy at Autozone argued with me that Cadillac doesn't have one til I had to get my manual that I purchased last year and showed it to him. Currently trying to use alternative before I go to dealer.

I also owned a 1998 Deville, beautiful car. Had 77000 miles when I bought it in 2003 for $7k. My first car at 20 years old. I miss it now.

AC went out 3 months later. Had it recharged. Thought problem was solved. Didn't need AC as I was in Chicago in 2004.

After winter passes, I get stationed in San Diego, and while I'm passing thru TX my AC goes out somewhere close to El Paso. Bad time of year cause it was July. Dash read 115 degrees. It sucked. However while in Cali I never worried about the AC since it stayed 75 degrees like everyday. Had to leave in 2006, so I decided to give AC another shot. Found out the compressor didn't work. Got it replaced. Smooth sailing.

Back on road again headed to VA. Now I know why most people hate TX. AC goes out again. Stop at my hometown in Louisiana to get looked at. Dealer runs tests, and finds nothing and recharged it. By then I didn't care and proceeded to VA. Later my suspension went out.

Christmas Eve someone broke into my car on the passenger side and stole my stereo. That was it. I waited til Feb 2007 and traded her in for the 01 model. I miss her, but I still ride those Caddy's. Since I sorta know what to expect now, I feel a little more relaxed about the issues, but still upset about these being the same issues occurring with the newer models.

As much as these cars cost now, the parts should be expected to last longer than they are now. I'm 24 now, and now I'm a little more seasoned with these, and seeing that I'm not the only one makes me feel a little better now.

I've always heard that Caddy's had problems, and my grandma loves them too, but she prefers Lincoln, not me. Been a fan since I was little. I saw my first Caddy way back when I was like 6, it was a candy red Eldorado. So I love the Caddy's and always will. I just hope that GM sees our posts and addresses these issues, because this is taking money out of our pockets that could be used for all the other important things like gas... LOL.

My neighbor also has a 2002 Deville, and his regulator went out a month before mine on his driver side.

Hopefully when I feel stable with the economy, I will get the XLR. That car is nice. Oh for the stereotypical folks, you don't have to be old to enjoy the Cadillac. Young folks ride too.