3rd Jul 2011, 16:06

If you have a good Caddy, it makes sense that you hold on to it. The dealer is going to give you way back of wholesale blue book on it... why give it away to them when it still has a lot of value and is running good. In this day and age, when a basic Honda Civic is going for 19,000 before taxes and fees, it makes no sense getting rid of a good car. Especially since some of the older cars are built better than the newer ones, minus the car payment...

3rd Jul 2011, 17:50

Personally I think it is a bad idea to sell a car you are happy with, based on someone else's bad experience. After all, Cadillac had to get some of these cars right.

In regard to the window issue, my guess is that your windows have continued to work well because you use them regularly. In many cases, these power windows are rarely used, and the parts become old and brittle, then when they are used, they fail.