Eldorado Biarritz 4.5 liter

Had an 89 (A/C went out), and I loved it so much I got this 88. Best car ever

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Eldorado 4.5L

It's my dream car, get your own..

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Eldorado Coupe 4.5

It's a brand new 1988 car in 2010

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Eldorado 4.5L V8

A gem for anyone who loves cars!!

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Eldorado 4.5L

It's the most under-rated Caddy for its time

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Black Cadillac's are "head turners"

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Eldorado 4.5 V8

This caddy is quick and responsive for its age and miles

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Eldorado 4.5 liter

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Eldorado 4.5 V-8

My first Caddy and it's a winner!

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