2013 Cadillac SRX 3.6


Dangerous, and unfriendly to operate


Mechanically, the car is great.

General Comments:

I am concerned about safety in this car. If I don't mention it here, it's fine.

However, this item is big for me. The front window is installed in such a way that there two very large completely blind areas for the driver. The window mount posts are much wider than necessary, and are installed diagonally.

From about 9:45 on a clock to 10:30 on a clock, the driver is blind as to what is in front and to the left...

From about 2:00 to 2:45 on a clock face, right side of driver, there is another completely blind side...

I cannot emphasize the magnitude of danger created by this construction design!

I really reached the point of making this bad review follow my panic attack of almost running over an older male pedestrian crossing the street at a stop sign from left to right in front of my car. He was totally invisible to me, totally. I almost hit him.

Fortunately, he stepped out of my blind spot and I was able to stop short of hitting him, but just barely.

I don't expect that Cadillac would step up and say, 'Oh, that was our fault due to a faulty design, so let us cover the liability, medical coverage, etc.'...

I think I would rather be faced with, 'What, you are driving a Cadillac, and it has a faulty and dangerous design. And ever I was unable to see the pedestrian through the blind spot, there is a little light that flickers on the dash board, and maybe the seat vibrates also to tell the driver that he/she is about to create a fatality.' And, consider this, it would be bad enough to take out a pedestrian, but what if it was a bus, or a dump truck, or a tractor-trailer, or a train that was hidden in your blind spot?? Just food for nightmarish thought.

And, how can I not mention the voice-command navigation system... Over one year now I've owned this Cadillac SRX, and I have yet to successfully find an address using this system. It understands nothing I say. And I am a native-tongue American citizen, with a couple of college degrees, both language-oriented. And if I type the address in on the screen, it never finds the address. And it 'speaks' to you as if YOU are stupid...

I think buyers should expect a lot more from America's premium luxury car.

I hope this serves to enlighten some prospective shoppers, and that it might even generate a concern within GM to address these issues.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2014

25th Jul 2014, 22:13

It's a good point. On my Volvo there is also an important blind spot at the front A pillar. When at an intersection, I always sway my head left and right to make sure nobody is crossing the street.

2012 Cadillac SRX Performance Edition 3.6L V6


Great vehicle, very classy


Alternator replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

A pleasure to drive, fast and smooth. The cabin is quiet and the sound system is amazing. Easy connectivity to iPhone, enjoyed listening to Pandora and an audio book via my phone on a recent long trip. The hard drive capacity is enough to record and store what I wanted from my collection; no more CD cases in the car!

Storage space can be tight, but it's what is expected from a small SUV. The thoughtful design certainly makes up for it.

Great acceleration and quick response. This SRX is happy at any speed, even my highway cruising speed of 70-90 mph.

Cleans up great; my toddler has tried to destroy the seats, but has been unsuccessful thus far!

No problem towing the jet skis or other small trailer.

OnStar, 'nuff said.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2013