2004 Cadillac SRX Northstar V8


Fuel pump failed first day I had the vehicle.

Fuel pump blew again - 2 months later.

Rear washer fluid pump went bad at 100k.

Rear door lock and latch failed 105k.

Fuel rail needed to be replaced at 90k.

Continually have to replace bulbs (dealer wanted $150 to replace one bulb!) I did myself - unreal how difficult and labor intensive it is to access.

Transmission started to slip at 120k.

General Comments:

Bought a 2004 SRX - really wanted to get the V8 (Northstar) as I had already had a Seville, and loved the power of the engine. Loved the look of the vehicle when they dropped off at my home (I had it shipped from out of state) - but the problems started the day after it arrived.

Fuel pump failed on our way to town to celebrate our new vehicle purchase. Couldn't believe it. $800-$900 the day after I bought.

Two months later - guess what? Fuel pump failed. Back to Cadillac for another pump - and an additional $800-$900.

The motor is amazing as far as power and smoothness, but I thought that being a Cadillac, I was getting a quality vehicle.

Started to run rough - so back to the dealership. Can't remember what the adviser told me - but it had something to do with the left side of engine - coil or fuel rail? Another hefty bill.

Stability control system continually engages, because one of the arms is loose.

I realize that all mechanical things break, or wear out... but by buying what I thought was a quality American made product... well you know.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2011

18th Mar 2011, 18:09

You got a bad one.

7th Jun 2011, 18:07

I bought a 2004 SRX V8, magnetic ride control, $57K worth of American ingenuity, fully loaded.

I agree about it being an enjoyable car to drive "On the Rare occasion its not in the shop."

Tires: Always having to replace them. I don't know if it's from having AWD, but I can't keep them on the front. Gone in less than 10K. The left front wears especially hard. Cadillac has aligned, balanced, time after time.

Brakes wear fast, wheel bearings, idler arms. Expensive? Yes, I have practically rebuilt this automobile.

Oil pressure switch failed; the car has 115 miles on it. Cadillac wants to put a new oil pump in it. Transfer box replacement. You name it, it's been repaired.

Leaks from the power steering pump, oil leaks from the engine, Cadillac wants almost $750 just to replace some of the bulbs that are burnt out in the left tail light assembly... I also got a bad one as did the other SRX owner.

I would never buy another SRX nor Cadillac after that "soaking". The older model SRX looks good to me, the newer body change is just flat out UGLY, in my opinion.

16th Sep 2011, 22:43

There are very few good ones then! I have had endless repairs. I too thought that buy a Cadillac meant I was buying the best possible product GM makes... never again.

22nd Nov 2011, 11:02

The 2012 SRX has a bigger engine (3.6 L) and has more horsepower than a Porsche Cayenne (306hp). You should have waited for the 2012 SRX, as Cadillac telegraphed the upgrade to the engine platform. I have driven the 2012 SRX, and I am absolutely a huge fan of the car. It has no body roll and the car is ALL ABOUT CONTROL. The SRX never gets sloppy in a turn, even at high speed - it moves like one confident piece of steel. The technology in the car is great, and the resale value of the cars has been great so far!

2011 Cadillac SRX 6 cylinder


Would not buy one again

General Comments:

Long time DeVille owner, first time SRX owner.

Totally underpowered, plus rides like a truck, not a Cadillac. Thoroughbred lines, dead horse performance.

Interior luxury, rough ride. Very disappointing for a classy, well appointed, well sculptured car.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2010

5th Nov 2010, 12:01

Why did you buy it? Even a quick short test drive with the stereo blasting would have shown you the rough ride you are complaining about. I'd think twice about spending the major bucks you did on this car if I wasn't 100% thrilled with it on the first drive. The depreciation on Caddys is the worst part of owning one, so you'd better be in love with it or be prepared to lose a ton of money on it!

5th Nov 2010, 19:02

Did you test-drive before spending over $50,000??

30th Nov 2010, 14:29

It is still a sport utility; it's not meant to "ride" like a Cadillac.

4th Dec 2010, 18:17

The SRX has a unibody construction, not a full frame like the truck based SUVs. The SRX has more in common with a car, and could have the potential to ride smoother than many cars, since it has quite a bit more weight than most modern cars.

5th Dec 2010, 21:21

Didn't you drive it before you bought it? The negative comments you made would have been made apparent with a 10 minute test drive. Plus, they don't cost $50k unless you bought the turbo one.

We have had ours for a month and I really like it - it's my wife's car. The only thing I don't like is the clunky transmission - seems to search for 'the right gear' too much.

15th Dec 2010, 19:09

I have a 2011 SRX, and it is excellent in every way.