El Camino

Fun and reliable

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El Camino 5.0 V8

Great looking car, too bad it is a Chevy!

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El Camino Conquista 4.3 TBI V6

Still a reliable head turner after all these years; as long as I take care of it

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El Camino Actually is a GMC Cabellero Di 5.0 litre gas

Sharp looking, runs good, bells and whistles break

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El Camino SS Royal Knight V8 350 ci.

Best car in the world

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El Camino Super Sport 350 ci

They are great to have as a toy.

361 words

El Camino Base 305

Perfect first cars

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El Camino 229 (3.8l) / 350 (5.7l)

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El Camino 305 V8

A baby blue, chromed out head turner that I wouldn't trade for anything

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El Camino 454 V8

Ownership comes complete with celebrity status

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El Camino SS 400 (402 BigBlock)

Everyone should have a chance to drive a car like this!

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El Camino Custom Stock 350ci/300hp 4bbl

A very stylish, quick car with lots of character and 1960's flair

362 words


El Camino Malibu 454 CI

Though A Ford Supporter, This Old Chevy Rocks!

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