I love the styling of the car, and the performance is more than satifactory

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300M 3.5

The best luxury sport sedan

69 words


I love this car and you will too

168 words

300M 3.5 liter

Don't buy a Dodge or Chrysler

58 words

300M 3.5L

All I can say is WOW!

91 words

300M 3.5L

Had the potential to be a real feat of engineering

210 words

300M High Performance option

I've enjoyed this car so much I would buy another one if I got a deal on it

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Pretty good car all around

49 words

300M 3.5L V6

Great car, fast, stylish, would purchase again in a heartbeat

497 words, 13 comments


Great car, but did not prove to be reliable over 55000 miles

207 words, 75 comments

300M 3.5 V6

Great looking car

132 words, 6 comments


A quality, affordable luxury performance sport sedan

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300M 3.5 liter V6

The engineering by Chrysler is great

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Don't buy one

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Ooh, I want one

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