Fifth Avenue 5.2L

American, and built to last beyond the overpriced competing domestics, and over the top imports

165 words

Fifth Avenue Smallblock V8 318

American built, made to last, no false pretences here, you get what it says on the tin

180 words, 2 comments

Fifth Avenue 318CI V8

Reliable, cheap, and under-rated

75 words

Fifth Avenue 5.2L

I had bad luck with mine

157 words, 3 comments

Fifth Avenue Sedan 318 V8

Solid vehicle

45 words

Fifth Avenue 318 V8 (5.2L)

This car is a forgotten, inexpensive to maintain, luxury car (under $5,000)

148 words

Fifth Avenue 318 5.2L

Reliable Granny-Gangster Car

79 words

Fifth Avenue 318 V8

Old School > New School

217 words

Fifth Avenue 318 CID 2 bbl V8/140 HP

A Luxury Car With All The Comforts Of A Lincoln or Cadillac, but Not The Price

191 words, 14 comments

Fifth Avenue 318 (5.2L) 2bbl

Best car ever made! (my opinion)

289 words, 11 comments

Fifth Avenue

Not to expensive to fix, but I feel like I drive my house

11 words, 5 comments

Fifth Avenue 5.2L 318 2 barrel V8

Good car to own, but not in snow or rainy days

63 words, 1 comment

Fifth Avenue V8, 318, 5.2L

Affordable, first car

74 words

Fifth Avenue 5.2 liter Gas

A nice first car

55 words, 8 comments

Fifth Avenue 318 V8

A very comfortable smooth riding car

117 words

Fifth Avenue

My car is a major headache

92 words, 9 comments

Fifth Avenue 5.2 318

Offical pimp car

25 words, 1 comment

Fifth Avenue 318 V8

Well worth every penny of the $2,300 I spent on the car - very dependable!

163 words, 5 comments

Fifth Avenue 318 V-8

A reliable and affordable mid size luxury sedan

43 words