1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 5.2L V8 from North America


One of a kind vehicle. Would own another one


- Fan clutch.

General Comments:

This was one of my first cars. I paid $500 for it when I was 17 and had no idea how to maintain a car. I carelessly drove it without doing any maintenance at all, but it never once broke down. The only thing I ever repaired was the fan clutch, because it was one of the obviously loud components. I don't think I ever changed the oil once. I drove it in the Wisconsin winters with bald tires. I clearly remember the cords sticking out of the tires. This was stupid, but as a 17 year old making $6 bucks an hour, I don't think I had tires in the budget.

I sold the car for $400 in 2003 at 218,000 miles. This thing rode amazing. I can't think of any car that rode as well as this vehicle. The seats are extremely comfortable leather that you sink right into. It is unlike any other vehicle I have EVER owned out of nearly 100 different vehicles. I would like to find another one.

The only thing I did not like were the spoked hubcaps. I had picked up a set of Cragar SS wheels with tires at a garage sale for $20 and they looked spectacular on this vehicle.

For having a 318 cubic-inch V8, this was not in any way a fast vehicle. It was rather slow and did not seem to have the torque you'd think a V8 would have.

The paint held up very well, as did the body. I don't recall any rust on this vehicle.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2015

20th Dec 2015, 04:56

Good review :)

FYI - the 318 was pretty much emasculated at this point with high-swirl, low-flow cylinder heads and (usually) a 2:24 rear axle ratio; the point of both was to fulfill EPA fuel economy and emission mandates.

1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Base 5.2 318ci from North America


Probably one of the best, cleanest cars I've had in a while


Minor electrical issues. Alternator, fusible link, and battery went out.

Every now and then it spews fluid from the gear box onto the exhaust manifold.

Replaced the water pump shortly after purchasing it.

General Comments:

Drives extremely smooth.

Has an all gray, all leather interior.

I average about 20 MPG, although because of the ELB, it refuses to do burnouts, but it still looks good.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2014

11th Nov 2014, 15:11

Best thing about M-bodies is how dirt cheap they are to buy, even nice ones. Demand seems to be almost nil.

12th Nov 2014, 23:06

That's true, if you can still find them. They haven't caught on as a semi-collectible like the full sized GM and Ford cars of the 80s.

1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue 5.2L from North America


American, and built to last beyond the overpriced competing domestics, and over the top imports


Never had to get any work done to engine or transmission.

I always changed the oil at 3000 mile intervals.

Starter played up 3 years ago.

Alternator replaced twice, and the window regulators needed attention.

General Comments:

It is still on its original leaf springs and shock absorbers, and considering the high miles, I think that is good going.

The only thing I wish I could change is the amount of gas it drinks around town. On the highway it will easily do a healthy 28 at 70 with a light foot, but floor it and it is a different story.

I like this Chrysler, because it is so damn dependable, and I have had it so long, it feels like a family member.

Our children are all grown up now, and my wife and I have decided that as both of us past 80 years of age, we will keep it for as long as we are around, which I hope will be a while yet.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2012

12th Nov 2014, 22:00

That's great having it for so long. I hope it serves you well for a long, long time to come.

1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue Smallblock V8 318 from North America


American built, made to last, no false pretences here, you get what it says on the tin


Headlights blink on and off erratically when on full beam, due to high power bulbs tripping a circuit breaker.

Aircon seems to cycle all the time on or off.

General Comments:

Bought this old Chrysler last fall for a quick one stop replacement for my Catera, while in getting the transmission fixed due to wear and tear. Why I spent $7000 on this piece of crap 3 years ago, god only knows; it has had so much trouble, I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

Welcome to the world of the Chrysler Fifth Avenue, with its hefty V8 driving the rear wheels, with a transmission that was made to last. No computer shifting rubbish here, just a re-bodied 1950s-60s work of art, and what a beauty on the interstate with its unbelievably light steering and zero noise protruding into the cabin, unlike the German built Caddie, that would lead you to believe that it was better than anything truly American.

I will drive this beast till the day I die. It was made to outlast its owners, and deservedly so.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2012

13th Feb 2012, 13:36

Great review, and exactly right. Very few of us know how bad cars have become nowadays, because most people never experienced the full-sized, rear wheel drive, V8 sedans of the 70s and 80s. Perhaps it is better the young people don't know what they're missing.

17th Jan 2013, 07:50

I'm 20 years old and I own a 1987 Fifth Ave. It is my baby! I love my car. Unfortunately I'm having to sell it for a 4 cylinder. I don't wanna get rid of it. I have dreamed of all of the possibilities of stuff I could do to fix it up. I hate to see it go.

21st Oct 2019, 23:47

Hey, I just turned 23 this month and purchased an 88 Fifth Avenue to be my daily driver. Never knew anything about cars, but buying this has made me want to learn all I can. Previous owner parked it under a pine tree for two years and I spent 5 hours cleaning every crevice and it's looking as sharp as ever.