LHS 3.5

So comfortable, safe and dependable, I doubt I'll love another car more

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LHS 3.5L

The ultimate sleeper!

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LHS 3.5L

Semi-luxury and powerful.

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LHS 3.2

Too much trouble for a new car

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LHS 3.5

Good handling, comfortable, and "easy" on the wallet operating

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LHS 3.5L


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LHS 3.5L V6

A very nice luxury, performance car

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LHS 6.5L

It's a beautiful lemon.

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LHS V6 - 3.5L

Terrific car. I'd buy another one!!

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LHS 3.5

A nice car marred by econo-box style issues

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LHS 3.5L

Too many problems to purchase another

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LHS 3.5

An all around show stopper

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LHS 3.5

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LHS 3.5

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