Neon LE 2.0

I love my Neon, my wife is jealous

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Neon SE 2.0

It gets me to work and back without breaking down

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Neon LE Sport 2.0

I like this car

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Neon LE 2.0L

The true value exceeded the price

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Neon LE 2.0

Reliable, cheap to maintain, and am getting another

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Neon LX 2.0L 4cy 16v

Good as a small car, I may have just gotten a lemon

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Cheap, reliable

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I adore my car. It is reliable, and was cheap to buy and cheap to run!

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Neon LE 2.0L 4 cylinder i4

An awesome little trooper

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Neon LE 2.0

Great value for the $$$

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Wish I had not purchased a car with a serious history of mechanical problems

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Neon LE (ES) 2.0L I4

Great Bang for the buck

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Neon LX

Not a bad car... It could be worse

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Neon LE 2.0

The cheapest luxury car I know

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