2004 Chrysler Pacifica reviews from North America

Pacifica 3.5L V6

Even though the vehicle has a few first model year infidelities, I love it

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Pacifica 3.5

It's a pretty good SUV, but it does have some pros and cons

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Pacifica 6 cylinder

I should have looked into this car more when I bought it

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Very disappointed


We love it, and are sad they stopped producing them


I would not buy a Pacifica anymore!

Pacifica AWD

Nice features, american car!

Pacifica AWD

Outstanding vehicle


What do you expect?

Pacifica Touring AWD 3.5 V6

Comfortable and nice for trips

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Pacifica 3.5

Love it. Lease is up soon and I will definately get another one.

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Pacifica 2WD 3.5L

Great small family vehicle

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Pacifica Touring AWD 3.5 V6

Chrysler's family touring vehicle

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Pacifica V6

Great Wagon/SUV very comfortable and stable

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Pacifica Luxury FWD 3.5L V6


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Pacifica Top Model 2 wheel drive 3.5L

Nice to ride in, but expensive to own.

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