Very unreliable

30 words, 6 comments

Lanos Hatchback 4 cylinder DOHC

This car is EPIC!!!

124 words, 5 comments

Lanos S 1.6L

Most reliable car ever made, never getting rid of it!

84 words

Lanos 16v E-Tech

I love my Daewoo even though it isn't working right now. HAHA!

95 words


Surprised me.. and worth each cent I paid

76 words

Lanos Sport Hatchback (3DR) 1.6L

A cheap to own, sporty, reliable car

304 words, 2 comments

Lanos S 1.6

This is a great little car that will last a long time

91 words


58 words

Lanos S

30 miles to the gallon around town

62 words, 2 comments

Lanos S 1.6 liter

The Daewoo Lanos is a fine little automobile

162 words, 4 comments


A fun little cheap car!

144 words, 4 comments

Lanos S 1.6

This fine little automobile is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

205 words, 1 comment

Lanos 4 cylinder

Good value for 5500

83 words, 1 comment

Lanos S

Not a good buy at all unless you buy it for really cheap and low mileage

178 words


Very reliable and actually fun to drive

191 words, 13 comments

Lanos 1.6

A great deal

49 words

Lanos Sport 1.6L SOHC

Fast and cheap

28 words


A soupy bargain

89 words

Lanos S

A nightmare on wheels!

84 words, 5 comments

Lanos S 1.6 DOHC

A great bargain with good performance, but no after-market support

109 words, 3 comments


Great car, great price

124 words, 4 comments