Caliber Heat 2.0L

A surprisingly decent economy car

362 words


Grandma's ride in 2010; slow, uncomfortable and no fun to drive!

148 words, 10 comments



Good until it almost killed us

128 words

Caliber SE 2.0L

Drives well, takes a lot of abuse

538 words

Caliber Base 2.0

Fun, comfortable, low purchase price

179 words, 1 comment

Caliber R/T AWD 2.4L

Lump of trash

150 words, 22 comments


Caliber SXT 1.8 litre

A lot of car for the money, feature rich and uber convenient

227 words

Caliber SXT

Reliable cheap car

84 words

Caliber SXT 2.0L

Way more than you'd expect for your money!

345 words

Caliber SXT 2.0L

I love my Caliber

66 words, 3 comments

Caliber SE 1.8

188 words, 2 comments

Caliber SXT 2.0 CVT

Sporty car, yet fuel efficient

201 words, 2 comments

Caliber R/T AWD 2.4

Sure footed, economical, and stylish

168 words, 1 comment

Caliber SXT 2L

A car up to Caliber!

204 words

Caliber SXT 2.0

When my lease expires; I will probably get the Caliber again

91 words

Caliber SE

A good car for people who have a lot of friends or stuff to haul around!

353 words

Caliber SXT 2.0

A good quality, capable car at a reasonable price

425 words, 9 comments

Caliber SXT 2.0L GAS

Great Buy

46 words

Caliber SXT 2.0 liter

Fantastic car... love it!

203 words, 8 comments

Caliber SXT 2.0

It is a terrific car

60 words

Caliber R/T FWD 2.4

I would buy another one tomorrow if something happen to it today

56 words

Caliber SXT

I wish Dodge would take it back!

108 words, 32 comments

Caliber SXT 2.0L

Excellent Winter car

74 words, 3 comments

Caliber SXT CVT 2.0

Great little car, good MPG

109 words, 5 comments

Caliber SXT 2.0

Nice car, still needs refinements

117 words, 1 comment

Caliber SXT 2.0

Great car, worth every penny

191 words, 3 comments

Caliber SE 1.8

This car has potential, but needs more refinement

190 words, 12 comments

Caliber SXT 2.0

Good value with style for an entry-level vehicle

89 words, 39 comments