Dakota 3.9

Acceptable, but with flaws that seem to not be addressed

51 words

Dakota Ext. Cab 5.2L V8

Best mid-size pickup

39 words

Dakota SLT V6 Magnum

Satisfiied second owner. Paid $5000 in 09

205 words

Dakota SLT 3.9L

Very nice

115 words

Dakota SLT 318

Love it, toughest pick-up I've ever owned!

85 words

Dakota Sport Crew Cab 3.9 V6

The real definition of a truck

285 words

Dakota Sport 3.6L V6

Best truck I've owned - 5 years without one issue

112 words

Dakota Sport 5.2 (318)

I love it!!!

41 words

Dakota Sport 4x4 5.2


26 words

Dakota Sport 5.2 (318 c.i.)

Woo-Hoo, like it a lot

316 words

Dakota Ext. Cab Sport 5.2L V8

No other truck like it. I will forever miss him

899 words

Dakota R/T 5.9 V8

Power and style

79 words

Dakota Sport V6

Cute and easy to drive

189 words

Dakota Sport 3.6

Gas hog in sheep's clothing

45 words

Dakota 5.7 V8

Biggest piece of junk ever owned

155 words, 7 comments


When repair free, it's great

115 words

Dakota V8

A real pile of junk

80 words, 3 comments

Dakota Sport 4.7

Fun, reliable truck

92 words

Dakota Sport V8 Magnum

Absolutely a beautiful truck inside and out

69 words, 2 comments

Dakota Sport V8

A good deal for the price

31 words

Dakota R/T 5.9 V8

Best bang for the buck truck out there

57 words

Dakota R/T 5.9L

I will buy another Dakota R/T extended cab if they're ever available again

42 words, 1 comment

Dakota Sport 4x4 Extended Cab 5.2 liter V8

At $23,000 out the door, I can't complain

175 words


Not worth the money

70 words, 1 comment

Dakota Sport Ext Cab V6

Love it!

108 words

Dakota Sport 5.2 Liter V8

Very comfortable truck, and roomy, gas hog

54 words, 3 comments

Dakota 4x4 Sport V6

Solid, reliable, comfortable. A keeper

212 words, 2 comments

Dakota Sport 3.8

Great truck, but not a great brand.

420 words

Dakota Club Cab 5.2L V8

This gas guzzling excuse for a truck should stay in the junk yard where I think they got the parts

382 words, 13 comments

Dakota Sport 4 cylinder

Great vehicle at great price

60 words


Will never buy another Dodge car or truck

126 words

Dakota Sport V6

The bad heavily outweighs the good

562 words, 1 comment

Dakota Extended Cab SLT

Not worth one cent! Would not purchase another Dodge/Chrysler vehicle

232 words

Dakota R/T 5.9 V-8

A street light brawler!

52 words, 4 comments

Dakota Ext Cab 4 X 4 Sport 5.2 L

The truck overall is great and I love it, Manassas Dodge suck

167 words, 1 comment

Dakota Sport 5.2 l V-8 (318)

61 words

Dakota SLT 5.2

97 words