1999 Dodge Dakota Sport V6 from North America


Cute and easy to drive


So far I've had to replace the back brakes and fix the alignment. The alignment still isn't fixed though, and it has been to the dealership twice now. They lied to me at first, telling me the wheels needed replacing, and they didn't.

Every now and then, the brakes squeak, even though they are bran new (including fronts).

Scratches REALLY easily, plastic bumper at front gets chip marks very easy & rusts. Paint job is poor.

Engine makes a weird rattle noise when it first starts up and backs.

Left speaker went out.

Very low to the ground/small tires, doesn't look all that hot (but then again, it's only a 2x4).

Uses a lot of gas, although good for a truck.

General Comments:

Beautiful interior. Very clean when I got it, smelt new.

All the gauges work well.

Tows well (I have a jet ski).

Very car like in a truck's body.

Fair amount of space for dogs in the bed.

Cab (single) has plenty of space; almost too much for me (I'm 5'2), which is awesome.

Looks good!

So far has done me good, but still has years to go.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2007

1999 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.6 from North America


Gas hog in sheep's clothing


Poor gas mileage

Steering column bushing broke

Ride is extremely harsh.

General Comments:

This truck has the worst gas mileage of any truck I have ever owned. Unless you are willing to trade unacceptable gas mileage for good looks; run (don't walk) away from purchasing this truck!

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Review Date: 26th September, 2005

1999 Dodge Dakota 5.7 V8 from North America


Biggest piece of junk ever owned


The truck tried to die many of times.

Had to replace the rear speed control sensor.

The oil pressure kept dropping and the check gages light would come on.

General Comments:

This truck was the worst truck we have owned.

It kept having so many problems from the day we bought it. It kept trying to die and then right before we traded it off the oil pressure would drop to zero when we came to a stop and the check gages light would come on. We also had to replace the rear speed control sensor, that went bad and made the check engine light come on.

We should have learned our lesson and stayed away from dodge when our Dodge Ram messed up, but we didn't. We just traded off this Dakota for a 2005 Nissan Frontier, which was the best decision we ever made, this truck is great, we will never again own a Dodge.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2005

26th Feb 2005, 17:24

I'm sure you'll love your Nissan, until you realize that one needs oil and maintenance, too. Then it will be another worst ever owned.

2nd Jun 2007, 19:08

I own a 1999 Dodge Dakota 4x4 3.9l and my truck has had the same problem with the oil pressure gauge dropping. I had the oil changed and since then it started. Now my engine is knocking. I also had problems with power steering pump leaking, the check engine light comes on, I think my next buy is going to be a Chevy.

1999 Dodge Dakota from North America


When repair free, it's great


The following items were replaced since the regular warranty expired, extended warranty was not purchased. I only have 54,480 miles on the truck, original miles. My engine is a 4 cyl..2.5.Thus far since warranty expired I have had the following replaced at my own expense:

1) fly wheel positioning sensor

2) rear differential sensor (ABS) system

3) A/C low pressure switch

4) new A/C evaporator

5) new A/C clutch

6) new Radiator.

I replaced an old Nissan pick up for this new Dakota... the old Nissan is still going strong with well over 250,000 miles (1987).Very minimal repair costs over the years.

General Comments:

Should have stuck with Nissan..

Buy American made was a mistake I think!

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Review Date: 16th September, 2004

1999 Dodge Dakota V8 from North America


A real pile of junk


My catalytic converter went out at 78,000 miles.

My head gasket went out shortly after that.

Has front end problems before reaching 90,000 miles.

General Comments:

I had a 1998 regular cab Dakota, and I absolutely loved it. Then I upgraded to a 1999 extended cab Dakota, and have had nothing, but problems. Had it only for a few months then everything started to go wrong. The only thing I've liked about it is the size, it's perfect, but not worth it.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2004

28th May 2004, 04:19

Just to let you know dodge gives a 8 year 80k mile warranty on all cats and labor thanks hope it helps someone else.

10th Mar 2005, 09:26

I own a 1999 dodge dakota club cab and its the best truck I ever owned. So you must have got a bad truck is all.

10th Mar 2017, 06:01

I own a 1999 Dakota with 210000 miles on it. Would not trade it for the world. It's had a few problems, but has never let me down. I love my truck. All vehicles are a POS if they don't run!