1999 Dodge Dakota Sport 4 cylinder from North America


Great vehicle at great price


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Just replaced spark plugs and wires at 60,000 miles. Has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. All I have done is general preventive maintenance (oil changes, lubes, check-ups etc.) Replaced one fuse. Everything is still original on the truck, even the tires which still pass state safety inspections. I have no complaints at all!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2003

1999 Dodge Dakota from North America


Will never buy another Dodge car or truck


I have had 2 catalytic converters replaced 1st. at 18,000 miles second at 29,000. When we asked dealership did they think this was normal they said it was not normal we must have gotten 2 faulty converters installed.

Heater fan quit at 50,000 miles.

Thermostat replaced at 25,000 miles.

At 50,000 miles we are being told we have bad lifters in the motor and the motor has to be rebuilt. It is out of warranty and our extended warranty people refuse to pay so we are out of pocket over $1700.

General Comments:

The truck is a definite gas guzzler.

The engine surges at times.

When running the heat or air conditioning the fan will speed up and then almost stop. The dealership could never duplicate the problem.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2002

1999 Dodge Dakota Sport V6 from North America


The bad heavily outweighs the good


The power steering pump was replaced due to a crack in the reservoir at approx 25k.

The rotors have warped two different times and have had to be resurfaced.

The Goodyear Eagle sport tires, which came with the truck, wore out within 20k.

The engine cooling thermostat was discovered to be faulty, and was replaced under warranty at 36k.

The catalytic converter was replaced at 37k, and now needs to be replaced again. When the vehicle is in gear, you can hear a very loud rattle from underneath the truck. The rattle almost sounds like popcorn that is being popped in a microwave. It took the dealership almost a month to order a new catalytic converter the first time it was replaced. After it was finally replaced, I had to return my truck to the dealer because the brackets holding up my exhaust were not tightened properly. This problem caused the exhaust to droop too low, and the tail pipe was pointing toward the ground. The tail pipe's natural position should be parallel to the body of the truck.

The engine used to race when using cruise control, and then surge back and forth at 3000 rpm. This problem started around 12k. A dealership looked at it and said they couldn't duplicate the problem. Through research, I discovered it was a faulty throttle position sensor, which I replaced. You can only buy this part from a Dodge dealer, costs around $80, and is roughly the size of a 9 volt battery.

The break line had a hole and was leaking, because it was rubbing against the axle-vent hose. This problem was fixed at approximately 20k.

My engine light spontaneously comes on- and stays on for days at a time. Two different dealers are baffled by this, and no one has been able to find a problem!

I have a loud rattle coming from the right front wheel well. The rattle is especially noticeable when going over any uneven surface on the road. I have no idea what is causing the noise. My local dealer was not able to diagnose a specific problem upon inspection, however, he did admit to hearing the rattle.

The passenger seat belt was replaced after the locking mechanism failed to engage.

The paint on the hood has chipped, and is causing rust spots to appear underneath.

I have a large spot on the grille where the paint has bubbled up.

The paint on the front bumper is also peeling and causing rust spots to appear.

General Comments:

My local dealership alleged that all of my problems are a result of improper maintenance of the vehicle, despite the fact that I have numerous records and receipts to document it's continual service. The truck stays on paved roads all the time, has never been abused, and is maintained regularly. I am the only owner and driver of this vehicle.

I love the overall appearance of the truck. The styling of the body looks more tough than others in it's class.

The cab is very roomy and comfortable.

The upgraded Infinity sound system is well balanced. The upgrade includes sound system controls on the steering wheel. I love this feature, as it allows you to adjust the volume and surf through radio channels, without taking your eyes off of the road.

Overall, the truck is peppy and has an ample amount of power.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2002

27th May 2003, 13:46

Also have a 1998 Dakota Club Cab Sport (not 4x4). Beautiful truck. Front bumper has dings in the paint, resulting in rust spots. That seems to be a common failing; more than a few people in this forum have commented on needing to repaint the front bumper.

As for the brake lines, there have been three recall notices on the truck for brake lines being routed too close to an axle or wheel, and getting "rubbed" through. Take it to a dealer; as it is a recall item, they have to fix it, and it doesn't matter whether or not the vehicle is still in warranty. Note: they are required to inspect, and replace it IF NEEDED. If it isn't wearing, they don't have to replace the line.