Ramcharger Prospector Royal SE 5.2 318 Magnum V8

The best vehicle I've ever driven

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Ramcharger Base 5.9 360 LA

Best vehicle out there

101 words

Ramcharger 150 Royal 2.0 318

Dodge Rhino

224 words, 1 comment

Ramcharger Royale SE 5.9 (360 c.i.)

This is a great off-road as well as daily use vehicle

120 words

Ramcharger Royal SE 150 318 V8

Worthy of the name Dodge

59 words

Ramcharger Prospector 318

A real beast of burden, but would not have it any other way

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Ramcharger 360 CI

Have owned every model...Chevy. Ford. even Mazda... Nothing but a Goat for me!!!

95 words

Ramcharger Royal SE Prospecter 360 V8

Ram this charger...if you want a new car

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Ramcharger Royal 150 5.9 (360 ci)

This is the best hunk of sheet metal and grease I have ever laid my eyes on!

64 words

Ramcharger Custom 318 5.2

Desert storm tank without the big gun

82 words

Ramcharger Royal SE Prospector 318 5.2L

Dedicated Ford and Chevy guys don't know what they're missing

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