1984 Dodge Ramcharger Prospector Royal SE 5.2 318 Magnum V8 from North America


The best vehicle I've ever driven


Alternator went out a week after receiving the truck from family.

Carburetor needs to be adjusted.

Paint is a little worn in places.

General Comments:

Great truck to drive.

Very minimal problems, probably because it has been in the family for 32 years.

A beast in four-wheel drive.

Interior still looks like new.

All of my buddies want the truck for themselves.

Would be a real monster with a Cummins diesel engine.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2015

9th Aug 2015, 14:43

Only 91K miles in over 30 years of ownership?

Either it's not really that great to drive, or it sucks down petrol like there's no tomorrow...

10th Aug 2015, 14:38

Neither of your conclusions, or rather subjective comments, appear to be supported by any data in the review. I would suggest it more likely that the family has kept this Ramcharger for 32 years because it's dependable, they enjoy driving it, but have chosen to keep it nice by keeping some miles off it. In other words, they probably didn't consider it a disposable appliance like most modern vehicles.

1984 Dodge Ramcharger Base 5.9 360 LA from North America


Best vehicle out there


Needed new tires.

General Comments:

Bought this beast for $500, and it was sitting in place for 8 years without being started up. Jumped in, it started up, and drove it 12 miles to my house on the really bad 35" tires that were on it with steel rims.

I changed the tires to 31" and found factory aluminum rims for it. I then put on chrome valve covers and an air filter with an Edelbrock aluminum performance intake, 650 Edelbrock carb, and Hedmen headers.

I'm 17, and I did all the work on it. I will have this truck till I die.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2012

1984 Dodge Ramcharger 150 Royal 2.0 318 from North America


Dodge Rhino


I paid $600, drove it home and it died.

Replaced the motor with a '71 318.

Transmission lasted 3 days after motor change.

Rebuilt trans with a BM shift kit (street) and a custom built stall converter.

Rear-end "whined", replaced it with a 30,000 mile rear from a van, had to R+R the perches.

Electrical was all junk. Removed the air conditioning/heater system from the firewall, removed all vents under the dash, all the door/window wiring from the doors and under the dash is removed (it just plugs into a cable to the fuse box). I have dash lights, gauge lights, and the cigarette lighter works.

Alternator gauge died, truck died. Wired alternator direct to positive battery terminal, no problems in 2 years.

General Comments:

Dodge was originally going to call this vehicle the "Rhino". YEAH!

My current weight is about 3,000 Lbs.

15-17 MPG with the Ethanol with the stock '71 2 bbl holly.

Everybody who has ridden in my truck, LOVES it.

I'm a Raiders fan, and the factory black and silver paint rocks.

I have "de-accessorized" so my electronics are 1972.

Just "Monster" is the only word, or maybe Rhino.

I can pass in a curve, and off the line I have beaten G-35's.

Been driving Mopar for 20 years, best vehicle I have ever owned.

In 29 years, I'll buy a Magnum.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2011

13th Jan 2011, 13:59

Great review of a great tank!

My first car was a red and silver 85 Ram prospector singles cab short wheel base with a 318. Loved that truck. It had 130k on the clock when I got it. Sold it to my neighbor after putting 65k on it about 6 years ago. He is still driving it today. The only thing he has had to do to it to my knowledge is replace both front brake calipers (beyond normal maintenance of course).

These things were great! Miss mine.

1984 Dodge Ramcharger Royale SE 5.9 (360 c.i.) from North America


This is a great off-road as well as daily use vehicle


When I purchased this truck, it ran poorly.

The previous owner hadn't done regular maintenance and the carburetor was very gummed up with oil residue.

Driver's seat frame was cracked.

Driver's power window didn't work.

Rear main oil seal leaked.

General Comments:

This truck has a rust-free body, good paint, a three inch lift, and custom wheels.

With the previously mentioned problems, I was able to buy this truck for $2,000.

I replaced the carburetor with a 600 cfm Edelbrock and repaired all the other problems in one day.

It is now a solid, reliable vehicle with all the factory options (which all operate).

The four wheel drive has come to the aid of numerous people stuck in the mud or snow.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2004