Ramcharger LE 150 5.9L V8

Great truck, why did they stop making these?

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Ramcharger LE 150 5.9 liter EFI

You can't beat a Dodge, except with a bigger Dodge!

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Ramcharger LE 5.9


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Ramcharger LE 5.2 V8

A great ride around town or on the highway, but 14 mpg gets expensive

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Ramcharger LE 150 360

Faithful old truck

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Ramcharger LE150 360

This is the best vehicle that Dodge has built

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Ramcharger LE 150 360 V8

A serious 4x4 truck that goes anywhere

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Ramcharger LS 360

It is a bad ass truck

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Ramcharger 150 LE 5.2L EFI

A cheap off-road Machine!

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Ramcharger SE Royale 150 5.2L TBI V8

The last of the Sport Utes. Power and Class. A true debutante

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Ramcharger LE150 318cid / 5.2-L

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