Shadow America 2.2L 4 cylinder

Quirky but reliable till the end

470 words, 3 comments

Shadow ES Turbo Convertible 2.5 turbo 4 cylinder

Fantastic to drive and own if you find a well maintained one

324 words

Shadow America

A good first car,. but not reliable in the end

163 words, 1 comment

Shadow S 2.2

Tough, economical, cheap to own

195 words

Shadow 2 door 4 cylnder

Cute teal lemon!!!

183 words, 4 comments

Shadow es convertable 2.5 turbo

Love it, will never get rid of it

89 words, 3 comments

Shadow America 2.5L 4 cylinder

A shadow is forever

140 words

Shadow Base 2.2L

Good lil 4 banger

168 words

Shadow ES 2.5 turbo

One of the funnest cars I've ever owned

109 words

Shadow 2.5L

Cheap, reliable transportation

107 words

Shadow ES 2.5 FI turbo

The Fastest Dodge Shadow Ever!

309 words, 2 comments

Shadow 2D Highline Conv. 2.5L

Great starter car, good all around performer

244 words

Shadow ES Convertible 2.5L turbo

Loads of fun for a little money

119 words

Shadow America 2.2

Typical Dodge garbage

131 words

Shadow ES Turbo Convertible 2.5 turbo I

Good for a mechanically inclined person

221 words, 1 comment

Shadow Convertible 2.5 L

Fun, good running, inexpensive dependable little car

96 words, 2 comments

Shadow Highline 2.5 L

Low cost, reliable and convertible too!

242 words, 1 comment

Shadow Highline 2.5

Gracie is great

76 words, 1 comment

Shadow America 2.2 TBI

Dependable transportation - plain and simple

54 words


This is the car for you if you want to buy a lemon

52 words, 2 comments

Shadow ES Convertible 2.0L 4

Never a worse car!

84 words, 4 comments