Shadow Base 2.2L

The 4 banger that can't be disliked

166 words

Shadow Base 2.2

Anyone who doesn't think these cars are bulletproof, needs to give their head a shake

71 words, 2 comments

Shadow 2.2L 4cy

20 years from now it'll still be running...

280 words, 3 comments

Shadow Base 2.2

Great reliable first car

130 words

Shadow 2.5

It fits me and I have fun with it

36 words

Shadow ES Convertible 3.0 V6

A lot of bang for your buck

122 words, 2 comments

Shadow ES 2.5 4 cylinder

115 words

Shadow Base 2.2L

Excellent, efficient, reliable fun, transportation!

144 words

Shadow ES 3.0 V6

Fast, fun, and reliable

121 words

Shadow ES V6 3.0 Liter

A small, yet roomy, car with power

191 words, 3 comments

Shadow 2.2L

Nothing that I would think of buying again

171 words

Shadow ES 4 Banger

A cheap POS

241 words, 3 comments

Shadow ES Convertible 2.5

A very affordable, sporty convertible that was made RIGHT!

225 words

Shadow ES Convertible 3.0 V6

Affordable, fast and fun!

122 words

Shadow 2 door

You won't find a better car for the price!

138 words, 1 comment

Shadow Base 2.5 Liter

A reliable commuter car that is surprisinglyfun to drive

101 words

Shadow ES 3.0 Dual overhead cams

0-60 in 6.1 seconds my butt, more like 5.4

122 words

Shadow ES 2.5

Very reliable car to get you to and from work

65 words


All-in-all, a good car

156 words

Shadow ES Convertible 3.0 Liter V6

It is an excellent all around vehicle

27 words, 1 comment

Shadow 4 door sedan 2.4 litre

A perfect commuter car

130 words

Shadow 4 door 2.2L

Great performance for a low price

105 words

Shadow ES 3.0 V6

Make sure you have money to fall back on to fix it

57 words

Shadow ES 3.0 Mitsu. V6

A great buy for the Money!

152 words

Shadow ES Convertible 2.5

A quick and nimble steal of a car

91 words

Shadow 2 dr 2.2

A great reliable bargin

223 words

Shadow 2 Door Base 2.2 Liter 4 Cylinder

Love my Shadow

46 words

Shadow ES 2.5L turbo

For the 2000 I paid, this little monster can't be beat!

70 words, 1 comment

Shadow 4 door sedan 2.2 litre

A great first car, would recommend this to anyone!!

244 words

Shadow ES Convertible 2.2

Durable, sporty and fun!

337 words

Shadow 2 door hatchback 2.2L

One big headache

165 words, 17 comments

Shadow 2.2L

Great car for the price!!!

204 words

Shadow ES 2.5

Inexpensive, yet a great car to cruise around in

50 words, 1 comment

Shadow ES V6 3.0

Very fast, very reliable

69 words

Shadow ES 2.5

Everyone I know that has one says they're great cars

117 words

Shadow ES 3.0 Liter V6

Great car for a low cost. Boo-Yaa

84 words, 1 comment

Shadow Convertible 2.5

If you have the opportunity to own a Dodge Shadow Convertible, buy it! You won't regret it

152 words, 1 comment

Shadow 2.2 litre 4 cylinder

A good little basic car

53 words, 5 comments

Shadow ES 2.5L 4 cylinder

Nice looks, reliable, and affordable!

87 words

Shadow 2.2

I love my car (most of the time)

57 words