Dodge SRT-4 reviews from North America


SRT-4 2.4L turbo

A dream come true!

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SRT-4 2.4 turbo

This car is a great buy, I absolutely love driving it

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The SRT-4 is fun to drive, economical, and capable of embarrassing much higher priced "sports cars"

SRT-4 2.4 liter turbo

I wish mine wasn't built on Monday. ;-)

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The srt-4 is a keeper

SRT-4 2.4 turbo

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SRT-4 Base 2.4 turbo

Seriously outperforms its compitetors

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SRT-4 2.4 turbo

Low cost + big horse power = "Lots-o-fun!"

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Great fun, but won't last past 50K miles

SRT-4 2.4 liter 4 cylinder turbo

An affordable, high quality pocket rocket

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SRT-4 2.4 turbo

Finally an American auto manufacturer turbo's a car

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