24th Dec 2006, 10:16

Let me get this straight. You acknowledge that the SRT is an unreliable car so you think the next model from the same manufacturer is going to be better? Please.

5th Oct 2007, 13:54

Umm no.. he said it doesn't look very nice...

So I doubt that person will get it...

16th Jul 2009, 21:50

These cars are normally bullet proof... but suffer from guys being relentlessly hard on them (they take the abuse pretty well). 300whp+ with a Mopar Stage III kit...can't complain? :P.

1st Oct 2009, 10:57

Bear in mind that manufacturers, all manufacturers, are not in the business of building cars that soon after purchase require them to re invest $1000.00's in repairs at their expense... it's foolish to assume such.

During the first model year, issues arise that weren't discovered during the pilot phase of production; usually they are process issues and are fixed the moment they are discovered, for example the way a wiring harness is positioned can potentially catch on the seats shorting the lines (fix is spread the wires so they don't sit as high keeping them more stable), or this component is prone to stress cracking so a different plastic needs be used. If the car stalls at certain elevations, the ECM can be flashed, and 99% of the time these issues are resolved via service bulletins.

It's done this way because building 100 cars (pilot phase) isn't the same as building 10,000 or 400,000 vehicles.

By the 2nd model year, 99.5 % of issues are resolved, some additional issues usually arise because of changes between model years and component changes during production, but nothing serious.

The business is about making money, the more time a car spends in the shop under warranty, the less money made.

It's why less than 5% of cars go in for service, and despite the loud screamings people make, no manufacturer is out to build junk because they want money... service occasionally happens, but manufacturers try to avoid it by doing it right the first time.

So would I buy a 1st model year SRT 4 Neon... I'd lease it with the option to buy, I do this with any 1st model year car from all manufacturers expressly for the reasons above, and if not happy or concerned, then I buy the available model after the lease expires because I know it's as close to perfect as it will get.

1st Oct 2009, 17:35

You have got to be kidding. I bought one of these used from my grandmother at 79,000 miles. She had already replaced the transmission and the exhaust system, and I got stuck replacing the head gasket, all 4 struts, the power steering rack, the starter, and the alternator all in a 6 month period. My grandmother was only 65 when she bought it, and I myself regularly serviced it for her. These cars are JUNK.

6th Apr 2010, 07:04

The other thing is people run nitrous on these a lot. Forced induction and nitrous don't mix very well.

7th Jul 2014, 16:33

Your grandmother had an SRT-4?