2004 Dodge SRT-4 2.4 liter turbo from North America


I wish mine wasn't built on Monday. ;-)


It started with the whole intake system and head needing replaced at 3000 miles. I think the computer was also replaced at that time, not sure though, as I was in Afghanistan at the time and my wife was driving it.

At approximately 9000 miles, the air conditioner compressor, water pump, and alternator, all had to be replaced, yes, at the same time.

It went to the shop 4 times for a mysterious clicking and grinding noise around 12000 miles, which turned out to be the limited slip differential, also replaced.

General Comments:

Even though I have had all the problems, I still love the car it is a blast to drive and you can't beat the power for the price. Also it has some of the best seats you can get in a stock car for control of your rear when you are expirimenting with "spirited" driving.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2005

23rd Dec 2006, 18:45

Wow, I am sorry to hear about all the things that have gone wrong with your car. Almost unbelievable. I am interested in getting a small sports car, like the SRT or maybe an evo. Your review has really swayed me from thinking about the srt 4, anyways they have stopped making that model, but they are coming out with an srt 4 Dodge caliber with 300hp. Not a very attractive car, but it sounds like it will be pretty fast.

2004 Dodge SRT-4 from North America


The srt-4 is a keeper


Had the SRT-4 one year now and the only problem was the PVC valve which was replaced from the dealership. Put 41000 km on the vehicle in the year from March of 04 till 05. No other problem, it's a blast as a commuter, the seats do wonders to my back as I have a bad back. All I can say is the car still gives great gas mileage as long as you stay off the boost and has the power to take on almost anything on the road. I love my SRT-4 and I will never sell it, it's a keeper.

General Comments:

Point is simple, the SRT-4 is a keeper, anyone getting hassled from the dealership, shows that the dealership is not being straight and true to you.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2005

19th Oct 2005, 03:21

Had my SRT-4 since April 04, have 60,000 km on it now, still solid with an intermittent rattle, still goes like new, and yes it will beat a 05 GT Mustang. Gas prices are ridiclous now, but still gets better gas mileage than my wife's 92 3.1 Corsica, which has 90 less horse power. Still a fun commuter, will never sell it, car is a modern day muscle car that will make history, ah the long forgotten AMX, in that ralm, would be a great police pursuit vehicle, love my SRT-4 and will never sell it. It's a keeper.

2003 Dodge SRT-4 2.4 turbo from North America


Low cost + big horse power = "Lots-o-fun!"


Other than the known blow-by,(mild) nothing! "Got catch cans!"

General Comments:

The seats are comfortable, hold you in place.

Interior? Love the seats, shifter, boost gauge, working tempature gauge, the white faced gauges with silver trim is a nice touch. Over all 10 out of 10. My interior does not rattle.

Eng noise is no problem. Never over bearing. I did add the Mopar blow-off valve. Since the blow-off valve is pretty much next to the fire wall, it will create more noise, but not enough to be annoying.

This car demands respect at every stop light and gets it! No, I do not race on the streets. Yes I will get on the throttle every now and again... and again, and again, and again!!!.

The cars handling may not be the greatest, but is well more than I myslef will ever need to use.

Dodge got it right this time. Low cost + Big horse power = Lots-o-fun!

Insurance is a bit expensive even for being married, multiple car discount & Good driver rates.

Seriously if you want a car with fun in mind this is your car.

The 7 year or 70,000 mile warranty on a car like this made my mind up pretty quick for me.

I am 6'-2" tall. This is one of the few cars that I did not feel trapped in from the moment I shut the door!

The car does not seem to run out of ponies till mid-to-top of 4th gear.

If your going for 5th with your foot on the floor on a another wide open throttle shift you better be on a drag strip.. or looking for a ticket, because you are already way way way over the speed limit!

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Review Date: 5th May, 2005

23rd Sep 2005, 07:38

Low cost + big horsepower really = lots of repairs on a poorly made car. You get what you pay for... There has to be some major corner cutting to release a car that performs this well for around $20K. I'd sacrifice a little off the line acceleration and handling and go for the proven WRX (which has AWD to boot)! The 2006 even has the 2.5 boxer which will eliminate a lot of the turbo lag. Keep us posted. I'd love to hear how your SRT is doing after you drive it awhile...