21st Nov 2005, 15:44

The WRX wasn't really intended to be an off the line street racer. It is a rally car and is proven as a winner. The quality of the WRX surpasses the SRT-4 by a long shot and it is worth the extra money (a lot of which is because of the AWD system). I wouldn't ever buy a car that I can just afford. You really do get what you pay for. The Neon line is known for cutting corners and sloppy design... I wouldn't expect that this car is any different. If you want a good performance car for $20,000 a used WRX or even a used Mustang GT is a better choice. The major advantage of the WRX, however, is the year round ability in the winter climates. If you are stretching to afford the SRT-4 then you obviously can't swing a winter car and these cars are terrible in the snow from what I've read...

22nd Nov 2005, 04:46

I waste srt-4 in my stock 94 mustang.

1st Jan 2006, 20:43

I agree. It figures that a mustang driver would come here to start trash-talking a four banger, even though he probably just lost to one and needed to make his manhood feel better again.

Back to the point, I don't really think its right to compare the SRT-4 to a Subaru WRX just because they are both turbocharged... they are two TOTALLY different classes of cars. That's like comparing apples to grapefruit. Yeah, the WRX is probably more reliable in bad weather thanks to the AWD, but it's in a completely different price class... speaking of which, I don't think it's necessary to dive in to how much money people can afford to spend. That's their business, not yours. The fact of the matter is that the SRT-4 is a pretty fast car, and doesn't cost all that much for what you get. $22K is comparable to the Acura RSX-S, Honda Civic Si, Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, and other similar "reliable" brand cars in its class. It's not like they fall into the same price bracket as a Kia, so what's the problem?

A regular neon? Yeah, I've driven two and they aren't all that great. But the SRT-4? I don't think Dodge would place their coveted performance badge on a poorly designed and manufactured piece of junk. Don't forget that there are several other $30K+ cars that wear that same SRT badge. It would make DaimlerChrysler look pretty silly if one of their SRT vehicles fell apart after a year of use. I don't think anyone should shoot the SRT-4 down until theres a reason to, even if you've had poor past experiences with regular neons...clearly the SRT-4 isn't a "regular" neon.

23rd Jan 2006, 19:23

I'm going to agree with one of the previous comments about the WRX and the SRT-4 not being in the same class... for starters.. AWD... and a huge difference in price! If you wanna compare your WRX to something, try comparing it to a Lancer Evo. Both cars are nice, but I would rather have the Evo.

If you compare the SRT-4 to anything else within 15-25 grand, it will outperform everything. If I took the difference in price between the SRT-4 and a WRX STi and put the difference on the SRT-4 in performance parts, it would spank the STi and send it home crying back to mommy.

As for the comment about figuring a Mustang driver would talk bad about a 4 banger.. I sold my 89 Mustang GT with a good deal of mods done to it, that was running high 13's on good days, and the SRT-4's will give it a run for its money and sometimes win.

I think the SRT-4 is an awesome idea that Dodge came out with. Although we can't tell much about reliability yet, I guess only time will tell.

11th Mar 2006, 00:42

Yeah bull about spanking an STi with an SRT-4, if you are talking about a straight line, yeah, probably, so what. Because you know it's funny, I don't see any SRT-4's winning WRC or ProSolo. They don't win anything, but burning the rubber off of a cheap set of tires and not doing much better than that. If you want a real car for 15-20k, buy a MR2 Spyder for 13k and put a 4k Hass Auto Turbo on it and run in the 12s... AND its convertible.

1st Apr 2006, 22:22

That's silly, just buy an Omni GLH for 2k-3k, then replace everything in it for 5k, and have a happy little sleeper for 8 grand! But that's just crazy talk. Comparing the STi and the SRT4 is apples to oranges. The SRT4 is a one-trick pony (but it's VERY good at that one trick); it goes very fast in a straight line. The STi is more rounded, and does very well in a rally style race. Both cars have their individual strengths and weaknesses, and it's a matter of personal preference which ones you want to overlook for each car.

The point is, the STi won't do as well on the strip because its AWD system adds weight. Conversely, the SRT4 won't do as well in a rally because it's got a ridiculously light rear end. And it's unfair to say that the SRT4 hasn't won any rally races when the WRX has because the WRX YOU drive and the WRX the RACERS drive are about as similar as my Aunt's Intrepid and the ones NASCAR races.

So I mean really, if you're comparing apples to oranges, who the heck cares how many bananas you have?

2nd Apr 2006, 15:41

Well, throw quality and reliability into the equation and the STI wins hands down.

10th Apr 2006, 15:42

WTF are you smoking? Were you just not listning? The SRT-4 is not going to compete with with a WRX because its not a rally racer! It is essentially a drag racer. Hey I've got one: the WRX is crappy because it can't tow my boat! Spend a little extra money and get a Dakota or a Chev S10!

When did the having an opposable thumb pre-requisite for getting on the Internet get trashed? Dork.

11th Apr 2006, 01:48

Oh, I dunno... I think the SRT-4 gives the WRX a run for its money.

20th Apr 2006, 08:39

Neons are notorious for horrible reliability so I would check model year to see if yours would spend less time in the shop than on the road.

STIs, WRXs, Imprezas are very very reliable.

20th Apr 2006, 16:26

You all remember this is a dodge neon we're talkin about right?

21st Apr 2006, 12:22

No. It's not a Dodge Neon. It's a Dodge Neon with a turbo wedged in that's souped up to eat practically anything in it's path for thousands less. That's the appeal. And while I think the WRX (or EVO) is light years ahead in regards to quality, you've got to respect a $20,000 Neon that can obliterate practically everything on the road within reason.

21st Apr 2006, 17:33

I see your point, but the fact is that you have to live with the car, and a Subaru or Evo that doesn't break down will cost LESS in the long run than the Neon that will require endless repairs.

21st Apr 2006, 22:15

I'll buy a fiero with the 2.5 iron duke engine and throw a turbo in there and kill you japped up neon.

22nd May 2006, 19:27

Don't even get me started on what a hunk of junk fieros' are and how can you compare the mechanical reliability of an SRT-4 to a neon. Yes they have the same body, frame, and interior make-up, but that's it. Engine, transmission, suspension - all different and none have been around long enough to judge the reliability of this car. Not saying that this car is rock solid, but give it a chance to fail before bashing it.