Escort EXP 2.2L

This car is a joke, yet it can get you to point A to point B, barely.

168 words

Escort GT 1.9 HO


167 words

Escort LX 1.9 liter 4 cylinder

Good little car

145 words

Escort Wagon 4 cylinder (I think 1.9L)

My favorite ugly duckling

312 words

Escort GL 1.9

Best car I have ever owned

150 words

Escort Pony

Great starter car or first car

33 words

Escort EXP Luxury Coupe 1.9L

For the $700 I paid for this car, It has been worth it

89 words, 5 comments

Escort GL 1.7

Not bad for a Family beater

82 words, 1 comment

Escort GL

Great on gas

70 words

Escort GL 1.9

Cheap town car

32 words, 2 comments

Escort GT 1.9L HO

A low cost reliable car that takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

79 words

Escort GT 1.9 HO

Great car, will last forever

96 words, 4 comments

Escort 4 cylinder


51 words

Escort LX

Rusted down crap box

31 words, 1 comment

Escort GT 1.9 HO

A great car for a low price

44 words, 7 comments

Escort LX 1.9 L

A solid reliable car

82 words, 2 comments

Escort GL

I love my car

24 words