Expedition XLT 4.6L

Nice big reliable tank

79 words

Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 liter Triton V8

Solid, comfortable, and spacious

305 words

Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 Triton

Unfortunately I will not buy another Ford

325 words, 3 comments

Expedition XLT 5.4

Best large family hauler made!

232 words

Expedition XLT 5.4L gas

Good tow vehicle with some 1999-specific faults

86 words

Expedition XLT Eddie Bauer 5.4

The best Ford has ever offered

213 words, 2 comments

Expedition XLT 4.6

Great car and very very reliable!!!

192 words

Expedition Edie Bauer 5.4 Triton

I love this truck and it is too bad Ford retooled the newer model to be such a wimpy ride

286 words

Expedition 5.4 litre

143 words

Expedition XLT 5.4

Definitely a great family utility vehicle

100 words

Expedition Eddie Bower 5.4

The engineers that designed this should be ashamed to produe such a poor vehicle

537 words, 4 comments

Expedition EB 5.4

Don't buy this car

77 words

Expedition XLT

Its great!

183 words, 2 comments

Expedition XLT 4.6

Great overall vehicle for the money

110 words

Expedition XLT triton V8

Very big very roomy just doesn't run worth a crap

70 words, 2 comments

Expedition Eddie Bauer 4WD 5.7L


95 words

Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4L V8

I will try to get rid of this car ASAP

57 words

Expedition EDDIE BAUER

It's a lemon waiting to be squeezed

120 words, 1 comment

Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 liter V8

A great truck in its own right -- but doesn't measure up to a Suburban. Too bad!

231 words, 2 comments

Expedition XLT 4.6 LITER TRITON

A quiet comfortable ride

180 words

Expedition eddie bauer 4.6L

Expedition built tough

87 words

Expedition Eddie Bauer V8 triton

Terrible! It has been nothing but a money-pit since day one, and we are stuck paying for it!

157 words, 2 comments

Expedition XLT 4.6 V8

Love how it runs, but disappointed with cosmetics

200 words

Expedition XLT

I enjoy driving it

73 words, 1 comment

Expedition XLT 5.4L

A lemon from day one

228 words, 47 comments

Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4L

Standard Ford piece of crap

302 words, 37 comments