1999 Ford Expedition XLT 4.6L from North America


Nice big reliable tank


Heater core.



Oil filter adapter gasket.

General Comments:

This is the best vehicle that we've ever owned. None of our vehicles never makes it to 267,000 miles without any major issues.

The interior still looks new.

The paint is good.

The alloy wheels still shine.

All four center caps are still on the vehicle.

A/C works great.

Everything still works on the vehicle. It's hard to believe that it has 267,000 miles on it, just by looking at it.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2013

1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 liter Triton V8 from North America


Solid, comfortable, and spacious


Some front suspension issues - right front is sagging about 1 inch lower than the left side. The left wheel makes a clicking/clunking sound when I turn the wheel sharp and am going slow, like out of a parking space. These problems however just may be normal wear and tear, since the vehicle does have 177k miles and it is 13 years old, so I don't hold that against the manufacturer at this point.

General Comments:

I've owned this vehicle for only going on 3 months now, so I can't really speak to its reliability. I don't know the maintenance history, but since I have owned it, it runs great, no problems.

It's very comfortable inside, and holds a ton of stuff. I have the leather interior, and even after 13 years it still holds up pretty good, no rips or holes, and the rest of the interior still looks great and has held up wonderfully. The stereo is also very good sounding.

The paint after all these years still holds a really excellent shine. I waxed it and it looks terrific.

The seats are quite comfortable, but they took some time to get used to. I wasn't crazy about them at first, I didn't think they were very supportive, but now I love them.

The only downsides I consider this vehicle to have is that it's got a really soft suspension, so when you go around corners, it sort of floats and bounces around, but maybe it wasn't like that when it was new; I don't know.

And the gas mileage. I don't really use the vehicle that much, just doing errands within 5 miles or so of home, so all my driving is city driving, and it gets about 12.5 miles per gallon. Yikes. Overall though, for a 13 year old vehicle, I am impressed.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2012

1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4 Triton from North America


Unfortunately I will not buy another Ford


Transfer case had to be replaced after 60,000 miles. It locked up, and would not come out of 4 wheel drive.

Spark plugs 3 & 4 shot out of the cylinder head. Roughly 900 dollars a piece to repair at the Ford dealer.

The truck gets around 8 miles to the gallon whether it is city or highway driving. The display located in the headliner verifies this.

Lower engine knocking started at 110,000 miles, and is gradually getting louder.

The heater blend door broke and got stuck in the heat range. This repair was 1200 dollars at the Ford dealer.

The GEN module failed at 60,000 miles. The repair was roughly 400 dollars at the Ford dealer.

The radiator failed, and had to be replaced at roughly 90,000 miles.

I have rebuilt the front steering components end two times. I do however run 35 inch tires. That one is on me.

Two of the rear seat belts buckles literally fell apart. The dealer has a recall on these belts, but determined my VIN number did not qualify for the repair. The belts are still broken, and are a safely issue.

The engine burns about a quart of oil per tank of gas. I have been very meticulous with oil changing. My mechanic states this is relatively normal for these engines. My compression is a little low, and this could be fixed with a ring job.

The leather seats are dry and worn at 126,000. In my opinion, this is a little premature. I condition them at least once a year.

The worst of all is a mystery intermittent no start/no crank problem. Accessories show power, but no start.

General Comments:

The Expedition interior is the nicest of all the vehicles I have owned. I haven't had any problems with any interior accessory failures.

The exterior paint is black. I live in California, and it has never been garaged and is still shinny. Very happy with the quality.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2012

4th Jan 2013, 00:20

Some of these problems sound like you didn't take care of the car as well as you should have.

29th May 2013, 12:20

I totally agree with the above comment... I see those things running around EVERYWHERE.

20th Sep 2016, 00:18

Uh... You run 35" monster tires on a soccer mom SUV, and get upset when things start failing due to stress? ROFL