1999 Ford Expedition XLT 4.6 LITER TRITON from North America


A quiet comfortable ride





These problems were all fixed by Ford

Dealership on warranty. So I still think the car is no lemon.

I have not had anything else go wrong with this vehicle.

Dealership was fast to fix all the quirks and have had good riding. The vehicle has pulled a motorcycle and trailer to Florida and also on the mountains of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

It has good pulling ability and good on gas for its size.

The ride is comfortable and quiet. No rattles at all.

It's a bit challenging to get into and out, even with running boards. Not for elderly.

The expedition steering is easy and the view from windshield is large and side windows are accommodating for viewing.

I found that comfort in driving during long trips added to pleasurable driving.

Extra cup holders and lumbar support was also a plus. Interior held up and paint too. For a 1999 I still have people think I just bought a new SUV.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2004

1999 Ford Expedition eddie bauer 4.6L from North America


Expedition built tough


Since I purchased myvehicle the rear wiper has given me constant problems. I've heard that Ford is avoiding the fact that it's a factory defect. Twice I have attempted to fix, no results.

General Comments:

Overall this car is exactly the vehicle I came to love to drive. Helpful to all owners know your car, protect your car, and care for the car. Get your codes checked at no charge at Auto-Zone. You will thank me all for this advice. Why let the dealer get the best of you.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2003

1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer V8 triton from North America


Terrible! It has been nothing but a money-pit since day one, and we are stuck paying for it!


Brakes squeak constantly; even after having them replaced.

"Door Ajar" light constantly malfunctions... causing outside/inside lights to remain on.. even after vehicle is shut off.

Transmission problems, causing "service engine" light to remain on, as well as the "overdrive" light to blink continuously... had it fixed, and it happened again 2 months later.

Shuts down in the middle of driving.. for example: driving on highway, and truck just shuts down.

Service engine light is always on.

Theft deterrent system malfunctioned, causing truck to believe "I was stealing it!"

Problems everyday... too many to list.

I've yet to figure out why Ford cannot fix, or find what's wrong with the vehicles they BUILD!

General Comments:

I've yet to figure out why Ford cannot fix, or find what's wrong with the vehicles they BUILD!

I've taken it to the dealer 3 times, and they don't mind charging you for diagnostics; yet they can NEVER figure out why the car doesn't work!

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Review Date: 4th October, 2003

16th Aug 2004, 15:09

Is this a common problem? I have 30K with my second transmission and starter. This is the worst vehicle I've ever owned. I should have gone with the sequoia, which has the best quality rating anyways. When will detroit put out something decent?

11th Mar 2006, 18:03

People don't seem to understand that certain vehicles can be a little on the unreliable side. criticising the ENTIRE COMPANY line is just inferior. not every ford is bad, but the expeditions aren't their best either.

1999 Ford Expedition XLT 4.6 V8 from North America


Love how it runs, but disappointed with cosmetics


Rust is coming from the inside out and bubbling the paint on the rear panel below the window, but above the wheel well. It is also appearing on the back door also below the window. All this on a three year old vehicle that has been well cared for.

The ball joints needed replacing at 75,000 miles.

The location of the oil filter is in a hard location to get at. Can never seem to clean all the oil up after a change and ends up on the garage floor.

General Comments:

The expedition is a great family vehicle that handles more like a car than the truck it really is.

I love. My wife loves it. Heck, my kid loves it.

I have the 4.6 V-8 and it seems to have all the power I'll ever need. I haul snowmobiles in the winter and you don't even know your pulling a trailer. If your hauling heavy loads however I'd recommend the 5.4 V-8.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd buy another expedition if Ford pops for the rusting problem. Really, I mean 3 years old and it's rusting from the inside out? I think it's defective metal preparation prior to painting.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2002