6th Jan 2010, 13:41

I have a 99 Expedition XLT with only 74,000 miles. I've owned this vehicle since new. The big issue... I'm on my 4th transfer case and believe this one is failing also.

I've had the ball joint problem, a rear differential problem, an ignition coil pack problem, an odometer that fades on and off, and my drive shaft was replaced because it was out of true.

As for the transfer case, I believe having full time all wheel drive is the problem. If I could go into 2wd and only select 4wd when needed, I do not think I would have ever needed to replace the first transfer case. I understand Ford changed from this AWD default setting in later years. Too bad they didn't design it with a 2WD default setting. Anyone ever heard of a way to replace the 99 transfer case with a transfer case from a later model offering 2WD?

17th Mar 2010, 23:21

1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Junk, 85000 miles new transmission, 2 months later tune up, Urban Suburban says the wrong spark were in there and that the correct ones blew out a rod/crank shaft damage. New engine required.

The engine noise is in the lower engine, light knocking.

Tune up consisted of replacing spark plugs, wire set $73., spark plugs @ 6.30 each, air filter $32, fuel filter $26. Transmission kit $43.??? Just got a new transmission, oil filter $14. and serpentine belt. Since this tune up, the knocking started and they all blame the other guy. Any ideas, can't afford a new engine.

Email me at jbrunold@gmail.com

19th Aug 2010, 10:57

My 99 Expo 4.60 XLT has an oil leak, not sure where it's coming from, but it drips when the truck is idling. I tightened up the oil filter but it still dripped, I hope it's not the head gasket that has gone on this truck.

27th Sep 2010, 14:25

(9-27-10) I bought a used 99 Ford Expedition 5.4 (E.B.) 2wd. (126000 miles). Came with an oil leak that I have not investigated yet, and the heater doesn't work. Also had mildew in the A/C, so I had to clean that out (smelled bad).

I must say it's slow to start, but once it gets going, it runs like a champ. No rust, and the inside is cherry, but I tell you what, once I get my garage door fixed, I will pull it in and tear it apart, and let you all know what I've had to replace, and if I find anything odd.

The only feedback I have right now, is that I've had it for a month and a half now, and I put more than 2 thousand miles on it, and all I can say is, so far so good.

13th Nov 2010, 19:13

I have a 1997 Expedition 5.4 liter Eddie Bauer. I have 228,000 miles and have replaced one coil pack, an alternator, and the air compressor. I do the maintenance myself so this adds up to only a few hundred dollars. This is my favorite rig ever. When this one finally gives up the ghost, I'll buy another.

28th Dec 2010, 17:41

I have a 1999 Ford Expedition with 210,000 miles. Best car that I have ever had. Bought it new. I am sorry to have read the comments above...

27th Jan 2011, 02:52

Been having a front drive train clunk since day one, especially when accelerating, when towing and more recently in 4x4. Now the 4x4 light is flashing and the front end seems like it's binding when going in reverse cold, especially when turning. The mechanic says the transfer case needs to be replaced, $900 with a junk yard transfer case. May look into a Jasper case and Ford recommended an upgradedshift motor YL1Z-7G360-AA, which is only about $90.

Hope this cures the problem!

28th Jan 2011, 16:32

Bought my 1999 Expedition XLT with 5.4L motor for only $3900 two years ago. It had 147k miles on it, and I bought it from the original owner, a woman who was meticulous about getting it serviced at the dealer at the suggested intervals, and paying through the nose each and every time. While I appreciate her doing so, as I perused her receipts, I could not believe how blatantly these Ford dealers take advantage of women customers!

Anyway, it now has 190k on it, and two days ago it blew something as I was coming up a grade on the freeway. It just went KAPOW!!! And now makes a hideous racket... I figured it was the head gasket, since it's also leaking an H2O/oil/coolant mix on the driveway. After reading the posts in here, I am thinking that maybe it blew out a spark plug, not the head gasket. It's on the right side and you can feel the air coming out, although you cannot see jackcrap looking down from under the hood. If it's the plug, can't I just helicoil it? I'm not looking forward to replacing a head gasket if that is the problem!

19th Apr 2011, 06:40

The problem with ford coil packs is they are getting wet from a leaky heater hose or water dripping down from AC hoses. Cover all hoses with house water pipe insulation. After market coil packs cost around $35.00 each.

19th Apr 2011, 12:06

Same thing happened to a friend of mine that had a F150 with the 5.4 engine... blew the spark plug out while she was driving on the freeway... scared her pretty bad... I don't know if someone didn't tighten the plug in securely or what... I should have followed up and asked her what it cost to fixed... she had it fixed at the local Ford dealership...

16th Dec 2011, 09:35

Is this a 4wd?

16th Dec 2011, 19:42

Mines doing the same, but no snow yet... A couple of weeks yet LOL.

31st Mar 2012, 19:24

We bought a 1999 Expedition too. We are having the same problems as everyone else. Burning off oil and smoking from under the hood on the right side. Also the check engine light stays on. We have replaced the EGR valve several times.

It has 237,000 miles on it, and it's very comfortable and spacious. I have enjoyed my truck, but I'm like everyone else, if Ford knew about the problem, they should have fixed it.

So I bought a 2011 Kia this time; hope it takes me for some years; I'm tired of making car payments.

28th Apr 2012, 23:55

I have 1999 Ford Expedition. 225,000 miles. This car is the best I ever had. Over the 13 years, I changed plugs, belt, battery, fuel filter, tires, coils, repaired A/C, and the usual routine maintenance.

Check engine light has been on for five years now. Was told it was something to do with the exhaust emissions.

Noticed an oil leak recently after the red light indicated low on oil, but cannot locate it. Filled up with oil however, and the light went away. The leak may be a cylinder gasket or a leak around the oil filter.

2nd Jun 2012, 00:04

Mine does the same thing. Have you found out what the problem is?

17th Feb 2015, 18:12

I have a 99 Expedition. Have had it for 13 years.

I had a rebuilt engine after 5 years because I didn't get the oil changed when I was supposed to.

My truck is in the shop now, my transfer case has gone bad, over 13 years of ownership. I still like Ford products.