27th Aug 2004, 13:47

Purchased used 1999 Expedition w/extended warranty from dealer on or about June,2003 with approx. 42,000 miles. Vehicle ran great until August 2004 when with approx. 55000 miles and cruising down the highway it burst into flames without warning. Appears to be faulty computer/electrical.Warranty not honored! Last Ford, last extended warranty!

8th Apr 2006, 11:53

We purchased a 1999 Ford Expedition with the 4.6 V-8 approximately one year ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the roomy interior, gas mileage is worse than I had been used to, but not bad considering the size of the vehicle. Recently however we noticed that it has been using some oil and smoke coming from under the hood when we would stop. Took it to a mechanic and he said the right hand rear hand gasket was bad so that was where the oil was "weeping" out. Estimates minimum of $1,500 to fix, probably more like $2,000. Pulled up a service bulletin from Ford that the problem with the head gasket is due to quality control problems when the engine was assembled at the plant. Very disappointing. Our previous two 4.6 V-8 engines had given us great service so we didn't hesitate to buy a third fully expecting to get 200,000 miles out of it - guess newer isn't always better.

20th Feb 2007, 23:42

Hello everybody, I have just looked over this site and have seen all the problems you all have had with you suv, I just got a 99 XP last week I'm hoping that it will last me long into the years to come. knock on wood!!!

21st Jul 2007, 11:46

I have a 99 expedition with a 5.4l. It has 109,000 miles and I have put over $2500 in less than a year on repairs. It has a whole new rear end, all new inner and outer tie rods and has a new EGR valve. Now, it is back in the shop because all of the sudden I lost power steering, the brakes, and when I push on the gas it does not accelerate. The RPMs go up and say I'm at 60mph, but I'm not going anywhere. This has proved to be very frustrating as it is paid off and I can't afford another car payment. I have 3 kids and go to school full time and drive over 100 miles 3 days a week. This truck has probably been in the shop as much as on the road. My driver side window is broke (motor), the passenger side window has a leak, the hood won't latch, and numerous other problems. So frustrating in that I love the truck, but I would love it to run!!

5th Sep 2007, 20:52

I've had my 99 Ford Expedition since 1998. I'm the original owner. It has 162,000 miles and have gone through two rear ends, and now I'm having the same problem. I'm about to go through the third rear end. Did ford have a recall on rear ends? Or what else can we do?

8th Oct 2007, 00:45

I bought my 99 Expedition new Oct.99 it was built in june 99.

Many, many problems.

Rear window blew out no reason (claimed vandalism insurance)

Defective leaking windshield caused water to get into computer lights would go off and doors would lock unlock all this on its own. 1400 cost.

At least 4 recalls.

Tie rods snapped.

Ball joints failed.

Parking brake fell apart.

All radio display blank.

No digital odometer display its blank too.

Key door pad failed 3 times.

Never had an engine problem (4.6)

Drivetrain tranny good so far.

70000 miles on it. Like the truck never buy another one though too unreliable.

27th Oct 2007, 14:44


I own a 99 EB Expedition, which I bought used at 56000 miles. I had to have the transmission rebuilt at 85000 miles. I just reached 108000 and have the white smoke right side head gasket problem also... $2100 to repair.

I have a leak in my rear transfer case fill plug. I have check engine light pointing to lean (oxygen sensor) I'm told. Now I'm told this is caused by collapsed hose to the PCV.

Paid off last month, going to pay, and pray I get more years. The head gasket BS kills me. FORD and the rest of the American makers better wake up...

4th Mar 2008, 00:22

Wow I thought ours was the only 99 Expedition to have this problem, blew the gasket and it is so expensive to fix they said we would be better off replacing the whole engine. This happened 3 months after we had it paid off and had 99k miles on it. I am so disappointed to hear that Ford knew of this problem and did not care to inform anyone. Sadly I already bought an excursion or I would say no more fords for me.

5th Mar 2008, 18:45

I own a 1999 Ford Expedition, I have 117,000 miles on it now. I have had numerous problems since day one. I think the first was the GEM module, it controls the auto down on the drivers window, also the 4 low function in the transfer case, will not go into 4 low. The lower ball joints went at 60,000, there was a constant vibration from new, ford replaced the drive shaft, never fixed the problem. The fuse box was replaced by ford, 2 coil packs have failed so far at $300 parts and labor each, I now have a 3rd gone. I have had an oil leak in the passenger side for at least 40,000 miles, now I know why. The drivers window has separated twice from the linkage because of the glass freezing, the entry pad has gone, the odometer is blank, the silver on the passenger mirror came off when almost new, ford would not cover it because it was not the motor, didn't matter that you can't see out of it. I will never buy another ford product. Very disappointed

7th Apr 2008, 15:23


I purchased a 1999 Expedition 2 years ago and was extremely please until this past 6 months. I had to have the normal brake job, then the spark plug blew. If you have never experience this, it's very scary! I took it to the dealer who informed me that it would be around $2500 to pull the the engine and fix it. Next came time to change the spark plugs, boots, and coil packs. Those coil packs are a joke. These are extremely expensive, and the newer models you have to replace them individually. They advise you to change all at the same time. The dealer wanted $96 each plus labor. I will have spent more than I paid for this car. What a joke. I even received a list from the mechanic about all the other things that need to be replaced. Oh, for future reference, the heater hose that runs over the engine is well known for leaking, which causes coolant to run onto the engine, ruining everything and if not caught, costs you a new engine.

Happy Driving!

13th Aug 2008, 09:14

I am a former contractor at the (now closed) Ford Norfolk Assembly Plant, where the F-150 was built. (Disclaimer requested and provided.) I purchased a new 1999 Expedition XLT (5.4L V-8, 3rd seat, 4x4, etc.) July 3rd 1999 and, to date, have almost a 105,000 miles on it.

Minor issues over the years, dealt with by the extended Ford warranty before it expired.

The vehicle is 9 years old, has served well, and without the issues listed by others here. I am getting ready to put some $$ into it for ball joints, but after 9 years and over 100,000 miles, I think that is to be expected. Any vehicle manufacturer can have issues...

I think most of the Expeditions (and their stable-mate Navigators) have performed well, as have the F-150's they shared many parts with.