26th Aug 2003, 04:55

1999 Ford Expedition - Right side cylinder head leak.

BEWARE of V8's produced and used in the 1999 Expedition. My research shows that Ford had an assembly line problem with these engines that causes an oil leak in the right hand cylinder head gasket face with the engine block. Mine was fixed under warranty initially, but it came back worse than before and by the time I got it back to the shop to be repaired, it was out of warranty and I had to buy a new engine at $5400!! That's 20% of what I paid for the vehicle in the first place.

I have filed with the State Of Ohio Attorney General as well as disputed the charge with my credit card company.

I have no adversity to filing with small claims court to get my money back. I have even thought of starting to advertise in the Public Notices section of the newspaper so that people buying 1999 Ford V8's can know the problem.

25th Nov 2003, 09:59

I fully agree that the 1999 Ford Expedition is a clunker.

I have the 99 Eddie Bauer edition and it has been a headache from day one.

At 11,000, 23,000, 47,000, and now at 86,000 miles I have had ignition coil packs replaced. 6 in all.

The dealer admitted to me that there was a problem with the engineering of this vehicle.

At 66,000 miles the front end suspension needed to be replaced.

At 78,000 miles, the car developed a leak in the head gasket, which took 3 dealer visits (4 weeks in the shop total) to repair.

The warranty company has had to eat almost $13,000 in repair.

I am now out of warranty and waiting for yet another repair for a bad ignition coil pack.

I have paid close to $2,000 out of pocket for non-maintenance repairs and have been without the vehicle a total of 7 weeks.

This will be my last Ford vehicle.

4th Jan 2004, 01:26

I have a 1999 Expedition and I too have had a oil leak in the passenger side head. So far I have been lucky and the leak comes and goes. When I first got the vehicle I put Rislone in the oil to flush out the system and then filled it with synthetic oil. The leak was terrible after that so I changed the oil again and went back to natural oil. The leak over a period of time has diminished to a very slow crawl. I have been able to live with it so far.

I also had a growling noise in the transfer case under acceleration. This was solved by draining the transfer case oil and filling it back up with a 50/50 mixture of Lucas oil treatment and transmission fluid. Instantly the noise was 75% better and within 200 miles the noise was completely gone. That was a year ago and the noise is still gone. A mechanic told me that the Lucas was acting like the oil additive required in limited slip rear ends. And that the transfer case worked on the same principle as a limited slip rear end. Guess he knew what he was talking about it sure fixed mine.

Also now looking at replacing my first coil pack at 113,000 miles.

Just adding my input to what I have learned dealing with my expiditionisms...

10th Jan 2004, 12:43

Smoke was coming out of the hood so decided to take my 99 Expedition in thinking no big deal... Turns out to be a blown head gasket that needs replacing at $1700+!!

Think by reading all the above about the 99 Expedition, this will be my last Ford!

15th Feb 2004, 00:23

I purchased new a 99 Ford Expedition XLT. It now has 74,000 miles. Took it to the dealer because I thought I had a bad rear main seal and discovered a right head gasket side oil leak. Dealer repair cost $1300.00. My father brought Fords and I have bought Fords. Never again. I will call Ford Motor Company, but probably to no avail. I don't care; a vehicle that costs this much should not have this type of problem occurring at this mileage.

3rd Apr 2004, 00:09

When I bought our 1999 Ford Expedition it had 44,678km on it. Everything was fine until about 3 months then when I braked I heard a clunking sound coming from the front drivers side wheel. I pulled over to inspect if anything was wrong. Every thing looked OK and normal. I put up with this clunking nose for about 3 weeks then I took it into find it was the ball joints needed replacing. Other than that I have had next to no problems with it and the SUV now has over 120,000 km on it. I don't know if problems like you people have experienced will come up in the future.

16th Apr 2004, 05:00

My wife and I bought a 1999 Expedition Eddie Bauer, returned it to the dealer for the recalls, and at around 50,000 miles the load leveling system sensor quit, replaced that, now with 72,000 miles we have noticed that there is a vibration sound whenever the transmission shifts from 3rd to 4th gear. We love the SUV and really have no complaints. I do have some family members that have Expeditions and have had a lot of headaches, guess I've been lucky.

24th Jul 2004, 12:23

My 1999 (98,000 miles) Ford Expedition blew a spark plug out of the cylinder head. Dealer admits there is an engineering problem with this engine, and has had many customers complain about it. Replacing the head requires removing the engine, 17 hours of labor, plus cost of the new aluminum head = dealer quote of $2850.

2nd Aug 2004, 22:24

My 1999 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition (44,129 miles) blew a factory installed spark plug out the head. Driving down the road it actually sounded and acted like I blew a tire. The dealer admits that it is the factory installed spark plug and that it was defective because it separated into two pieces and went through the head. It is not due for spark plug replacement until 60,000 miles at their recommendation, but it is out of warranty and will cost $3,000 to repair. Replacing the head requires 17 hours of labor, a $1,300 head and $1,700 in misc. parts, fluid, and labor. But they will discount approx. $350.00 because we have purchased 3 vehicles from them in the past out of the 9 Fords we have owned. They will try to re-machine my aluminum head if I would like for I believe it was $200 but if it last 1 mile, 1 hour, or 1 year makes no difference to them it is not going to carry any warranty. But if we go for the head replacement it will carry a 1 year warranty. I have also had the driver's side seat heater go out and the wind noise drives me crazy. Up until August 1, 2004 when this happened, it has been a wonderful vehicle.

11th Aug 2004, 19:01

Question whether the problems noted above especially concerning the head gasket leak and spark plug problem are related to heavy use/towing? Knock on wood I have a 1999 that has not had any problems outside of the recalls. I am planning on buying a boat soon and hope that the additional burden will not cause the problems people have noted here.