Explorer 4.0

A let-down

131 words, 1 comment

Explorer LXT 4.0

Solid, dependable, no frills 4x4

318 words

Explorer XLS 4.0L


111 words

Explorer Sport 4.0 V6

201k miles and still kickin

316 words, 2 comments

Explorer Sport 6 cylinder

Excellent car, very little trouble with it

45 words

Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC

Amazing truck! Will never give it up!

354 words

Explorer Sport 4.0L V6

Great vehicle that has lasted me a long time

62 words

Explorer Sport Trac 4WD 4.0 V6 SOHC

This cross-over takes a lickin and keeps on tickin!

269 words, 4 comments

Explorer Sport

A dependable vehicle

93 words

Explorer XLT 4.0 V6

It burns tires and saves gas with good looks, I love it

62 words

Explorer Sport 4.0 V6

Great car, bumpy ride

55 words, 4 comments

Explorer Sport 4.0L V6

Good 2 people SUV

224 words, 3 comments

Explorer Sport

Reliable, but a major gas hog!

133 words

Explorer Sport 4.0 liter V6

Not worth the money

140 words, 5 comments

Explorer Sport Trac

Great truck, but poor gas mileage

83 words, 1 comment

Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 V6

282 words, 1 comment

Explorer XLT 6 cylinder

I purchased brand new and it still rides and looks brand new

58 words

Explorer Sport Trac 4.0 liter

304 words, 2 comments

Explorer Sport Trac 4.0

Sport + Utility + Reliability = Fun!

84 words

Explorer Sport Trac 4.0 SOHC

A dismal lemon

256 words, 3 comments

Explorer Sport Trac 4.0L V6

A decent car, if you don't mind some repairs

94 words, 1 comment

Explorer Sport Trac 4.0

Nice style, poor engine performance

33 words, 2 comments

Explorer LIMITED 4.6L SOHC V8

Ford Did Their Homework!!!

51 words

Explorer Premium Sport 4.0L V6

Good car to lease... always under warranty!

266 words

Explorer Sport-Trac 3.0L

Better than a pickup, better than a SUV. The best of both!

76 words

Explorer Eddie Bauer - 2WD 4.0 SOHC

Quality is suspect and Ford Motor Company's Customer Assistance Center is useless -- don't buy it!

141 words

Explorer Limited V6

FORD :Found On Road Dead??

337 words, 3 comments

Explorer 2002 Eddie Bauer 4.0L V6

This is a vehicle to be avoided at all costs unless you are a mechanic and love problem equipment

170 words

Explorer XLS 3.0 V6

There are better vehicles for the price

61 words

Explorer LX Gas

I will never buy a Ford again

83 words, 2 comments