2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 V6 from North America


201k miles and still kickin


I've owned this Explorer for a few months now. The high miles scared me, but it has proven itself to be very reliable.

The front end needed adjustment, because the tires were at an angle wearing the tread unevenly. Only a $60 fix with an alignment, balance, and rotation.

Shocks are bad, but it's only noticeable when going over 60mph. It'll shake, but it's not too bad. Worse can be expected for shocks with over 200k miles on them.

Driver side door handle latch assembly went out but that's only a $30 dollar part if I do it myself. I wish Ford would recall them because it's a common issue. I'm currently pulling the Beau Duke move out of the window.

Sometimes will not crank the first try, but always cranks the second. Probably due to the face that the spark plugs have not been changed in a long time.

Nothing major has gone wrong. Just simple little fixes. I hope I am not jinxing myself!

General Comments:

It has a lot of power for a V6. It's quick when you need it to be, but high speeds are not for a short wheel base SUV, so steer clear if you like going fast.

Gas mileage is fairly decent for an SUV. I drive 300 miles to my base every month cruising at 60mph. I still have over 1/4 of a tank when I get there.

Has a great turning radius, and is very easy to park.

Nice to travel in for 2, maybe 3 people, but 4 makes it a little crowded.

Looks are very appealing, but for some reason it doesn't hold its value very well.

With over 200k miles, this truck runs like it has 50k miles. Doesn't smoke or burn one drop of oil.

I'm overall very well pleased with owning my Explorer Sport. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a small SUV.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2009

23rd Jan 2010, 15:49

I'm buying a Ford Explorer Sport SUV off my brother. It has 165000km on it, and nothing has gone wrong since he got it.

26th Jun 2010, 13:31

You are lucky indeed with nothing wrong with the car. I own the same 2001 Explorer Sport, and have got 118700 on it right now.

You definitely give me hope that my car will last till I graduate, since I am driving 120 miles, 3 day a week, back and forth to school.

A shock on mine is bad, so I just changed it yesterday, but I think it's worse than before, so I took it back to the shop for them to test drive, and they told me to bring it back on Wednesday to put in a new one, maybe it's a defective shock. That's what they told me anyway, but I did request to get the new mechanic to work on it.

Anyway, thanks for the hope that my car will last another 100,000 more miles and take more beating on the road until I finish school, have a real job that does pay for you to go on vacation, and have enough money left to buy a new car. (I mean to pay a monthly payment on the new car :)

2001 Ford Explorer Sport 6 cylinder from North America


Excellent car, very little trouble with it


Transmission light came on at 30,000 miles - reset it, no further problem.

Rear lid lock broke at 50,000 miles, repaired.

General Comments:

Overall gas mileage only about 16 mpg.

The ride is very sensitive to choice of tires; I now use Goodyear Wranglers, good snow/mud performance.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2009

2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC from North America


Amazing truck! Will never give it up!


Driver door lock/latch assembly at 81k, $40.

Small leak above rearmost passenger side window.

Rear wiper motor before I bought it, $50.

Front wiper nozzle plugged at 75k, blew out with air for free.

Motor clatters a little on start up, much quieter since I switched to synthetic oil.

Fifth gear syncro is worn in tranny and rattles a little.

Electric 4x4 stuck sometimes, converted to manual shift transfer case.

General Comments:

Huge interior, tons of room for even the biggest people. Even the rear seat is comfortable, also a little harder to get to as most 2 door vehicles are. A/C and heater work exceptionally well. Controls are all within easy reach and not confusing.

The 4.0L has enough power to be fun to drive yet still yield excellent economy. Ride is a little stiff, but it's a truck, should be that way. Manual tranny is a blast to drive, although it shifts more like a truck.

I bought this vehicle with one goal, build a off-road Jeep killing monster that behaved well on the street and got decent mileage. Happy to report it has met all expectations.

I drove it a week after buying to get the feel of it. Found gas mileage to average at 22, with lows of 17 in the city and 24-29 on the hwy. These figures are possible since the Sport is a lighter 2 door with V6 and 5 spd manual.

It was then rolled into the shop to be chopped up and rebuilt. Several months later it came back out with 33" Interco MT's, rear spring over axle conversion, straight Dana 30 front axle with coil suspension, custom bumpers, rock sliders, skid plates and guards over all vulnerable components. Axles have 4.56 gears and auto lockers installed.

After the build up it weighs 4600lb. The handling is better than stock, I can take most corners at double the posted speed. Fuel economy is still superb for a vehicle of this spec, 15 city/19hwy. Still fast enough to stomp the kids in their rice that always want to race. It's a real eye catcher and turns heads everywhere.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2009