F150 Extended Cab 2wd 4.6L V8


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F150 XLT Extended Cab 4x4 5.4L Triton

Best truck I have ever owned

113 words

F150 XLT V6

F150 is THE truck to buy

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F150 lariat

Great dependable PERFECT

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F150 XLT 2wd 5.4 V8

Great truck, comforable on the highway, tough enough for work

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F150 XLT 4.2 liter V6


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F150 XLT and Lariat

Great when new, but age quickly!

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F150 5.4L V8

If you are considering buying a Ford truck, figure on trading it in at about 50, 000 miles

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F150 XLT 4x2 5.4 Triton

Awesome performance and awesome bang for the buck

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F150 XLT 4.6

A Great Value, A Great Truck

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F150 Lariat 4.6 SOHC

Built to last, without a doubt.

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F150 XL 4.2 V6

A cheap dependable new vehicle

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F150 lariat 5.4

A great vehicle and is still going strong

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F150 XLT 4.2L V6

A great vehicle

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F150 XLT Extended Cab 5.4 Liter

This truck is very unreliable

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F150 XLT Quad Cab 4.6 V8

Good bang for the buck!

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F150 XLT 5.4L

Nice truck but lacks Toyota quality.

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F150 Work Series 4.2L V6

Don't buy the V6!

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F150 XL 4.2L V6 Gasoline

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F150 XLT Supercab 4dr 4.2 V6

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