F150 XL Triton 4.6L V8

A good, reliable, truck if you take care to do preventative maintenance to keep it up and running

178 words, 4 comments

F150 Super Crew 4x2 5.4 V8

Best quality and dependibility on any vehicle in my life, except maybe my 1929 Model A

135 words

F150 Lariat 5.4L

Great truck

164 words

F150 King Ranch 4x4 5.4L V8

Built Ford tough

159 words, 1 comment

F150 XLT SuperCrew 5.4 Liter

230,000 miles and counting

350 words

F150 4.2

Build Ford tough

65 words

F150 XLT- FX4 Off Road 4.6 triton

Nicely built American truck that can handle everything, the F150 is the BEST truck your $ can buy

206 words

F150 4.2L 6 cylinder

A very good, all-around pickup truck

447 words

F150 XLT 4.2 liter

I LOVE it and will see if I can't go a million miles with it

106 words

F150 XL 4.2 V6

"Built Ford Tough." What a joke..

170 words, 6 comments

F150 XL 4.2

Gets you and your cargo anywhere without burning the fuel up

100 words, 3 comments

F150 XLT Triton engine

Very Satisfied! Would definetely buy again!

206 words

F150 XLT Triton V8

The truck is solid and with the improvements that I have made it is a joy to drive.

182 words

F150 FX4 4.6L

The best I've ever had

60 words

F150 SuperCrew XLT 5.4

Absolute waste of money

183 words, 12 comments

F150 Lariet Supercrew 5.4L V8

Sometimes cheaper isn't always better

98 words, 4 comments

F150 XLT Triton V8 5.4

No power, All problems!!

174 words, 5 comments

F150 XLT / Supercrew / 2wd 4.6 liter

First Ford. Was a Chevy-man. It's OK. Not as good as the hype!!

160 words, 4 comments

F150 XLT Supercrew 5.4 V-8

#1 in its class

35 words

F150 XLT 4.6

Its the #1 selling truck for a good reason!

186 words

F150 SVT Lightning 5.4L Supercharged V8

I don't quite get it, but I sure do like it

425 words, 6 comments

F150 XLT Supercrew 4.6 L gas

A perfect dad truck

86 words, 3 comments

F150 XL 4.2L V6

If you want a new truck, the F150 is the only way to go!

77 words

F150 XL SC LWB 4.2L

The best truck I've ever owned

46 words

F150 XLT Super Crew 4.6L V8

The Biggest and the Baddest 1/2 ton

29 words, 15 comments