2001 Ford F150 XL Triton 4.6L V8 from North America


A good, reliable, truck if you take care to do preventative maintenance to keep it up and running


Due to rust out, I have had a rear brake line and a transmission coolant line rupture. I have also had a fuel pump fail at about 68,6XX miles. I also had the universal joint that connects into the differential replaced at the same time that was in poor shape, and would make a rattling sound when the truck sat idling.

General Comments:

Very solid, driving vehicle. Mine was retired out of Pennsylvania State Police Service so it has most likely had unconventional treatment compared to a civilian owned counterpart. With this into consideration, the truck has handled its new life of being driven 60 miles/5 days a week very well so far. Because of this, I also never had any firsthand experience with a Ford dealership.

I have one of the more basic packages you could option the truck with, and have a delete on almost all of the power options other than the radio, which in my opinion is a very nice option to have if you are looking for something very simple that just does the job.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2017

17th Jan 2017, 03:26

Original Reviewer - (Additional things I forgot to add).

First off, this is my first vehicle. The drivetrain on this truck seems to be generally solid on both this particular truck and most others of this generation across the board. (My grandfather had a '97 F-150 that failed PA inspection for frame rust at 161,000 with the drivetrain still completely operational. I have seen several others of this generation across the web also accomplishing these miles, and going even higher.)

The truck does have minor glitches here and there such as the 4x4 light occasionally getting stuck on for a short amount of time and my O/D off light occasionally flashing on and off for no real apparent reason. When this problem has come up for me, restarting the truck has fixed it without fail, but have read that for some people, this can indicate trouble codes being set at the computer.

I also have the typical bed rust out on the front and back corners, but only on the driver's side of the truck (8ft. bed if this has any significance) but is still fixable. Mine was given a vinyl floor from the factory and I highly recommend it if you can find one with this; it eliminates having to worry about ruining carpet if you live where you have to deal with large amounts of dirt, road salt, or mud on a daily basis. On the flipside, be cautious of rust forming where the vinyl goes under the plastic trim on the floor; mine has a good amount of surface rust that has formed there that will have to be addressed.

4th Mar 2017, 01:56

Update March 3rd, 2017 - Replacing pads on all 4 wheels and rear discs at 71,2XX miles. No other problems have occurred; the truck is running beautifully!

25th Aug 2017, 00:37

Update 8/24/2017: The truck has now reached 77,800 miles. Now needs a lower radiator support to pass inspection for July '18. I have had a rust out open up in the bottom and side on the front of the passenger rocker.

Correction on brakes: Rear only was replaced previously and was redone completely with parking brake shoes (which are a pain to get into adjustment), rotors, and pads. Front brakes were done at about 74,XXX miles; I replaced the front pads and rotors. I also replaced the sway bar links at 76,XXX miles. Other than these, the truck is still running well with no major problems.

16th Feb 2018, 04:28

Update 2/15/18: The truck was involved in one vehicle accident into concrete barrier going approximately 30 mph at 84,9XX miles. The truck received moderate frame damage but is still driveable. No new non-accident related problems other than an ABS system glitch that engages the ABS when making low speed stops.

2001 Ford F150 Super Crew 4x2 5.4 V8 from North America


Best quality and dependibility on any vehicle in my life, except maybe my 1929 Model A


The car is wonderful. If anything broke or wore out, I fixed it. Original engine and original transmission. Replaced differential at 150,000.

Replaced wiring harness at 100,000 - 50% coop from dealer.

Didn't rebuild front end or align until 348,000.

Replaced 2 blower motors, lots and lots of brake pads and a few calipers.

Replaced passenger window regulator and motor myself at 440,000.

Have replaced a grand total of 6 coil packs over the miles; went 200k on one set of plugs.

Tires as high as 118,000 on one set of Michelins, 80,000 on the next set.

Replaced exhaust manifold at about 375,000.

General Comments:

I love this truck and everything about it. It rides today like it was new, quiet and dependable. Everything works, although the digital odometer is only on about 50% of the time.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2016