2001 Ford F150 4.2 from North America


Build Ford tough


Tires, brakes and oil changes.

At 90,000 had to put plugs, wires and coil.

At 110,000 rear end bearings and seals.

General Comments:

This has been a good truck; as tough as nails.

Pull gooseneck trailers with this truck; does a good job. Pulled 12,000 pounds with this truck more than once.

Has been a good truck on my farm. Does what I ask it to do.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2009

2001 Ford F150 XLT- FX4 Off Road 4.6 triton from North America


Nicely built American truck that can handle everything, the F150 is the BEST truck your $ can buy


I've had a few repairs with this truck such as tie rod and a some sort of joint on the drive-shaft; neither of them a big deal. Also the standard brakes and tires, regular maintenance.

General Comments:

This truck is awesome, a very good looking truck. Definitely the best looking truck you could buy back in 2002.

The power of the 4.6 is a little weak, and when I buy another F150 it will definitely be the 5.4.

The truck is bad on gas in the city; to be expected, and you can squeeze out 19 mpg on the highway.

The cabin is nice and the captains chairs are almost too comfortable. The truck rides nice, and the shocks are the rancho off-roading ones, so they are nice and stiff.

I love this truck. I don't know why anyone would buy a foreign truck such as a Tundra.

You can really tell this truck is built Ford tough. Hope to have her till at least 200k and then pass it down to my son, but who knows, the new 2009 F150s look really nice, I am tempted to go check them out.

Overall, if you're going to buy a truck, consider the F150, the cream of the crop.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2009

2001 Ford F150 4.2L 6 cylinder from North America


A very good, all-around pickup truck


Driver's seat belt retractor operated poorly from the beginning. The dealer claimed to have replaced it after two hours in the shop, but later admitted that the mechanic had cut himself and bled on the belt, necessitating ordering a new belt. I was angry enough with them at the time over the long delay in getting my truck into the shop that they were afraid to admit what had happened.

The rotating, plastic headlight switch broke twice before 30,000 miles. Both times, the dealership (a different one from the first) had to replace the whole switch assembly - the actuator handle wasn't available as a separate part.

Front upper ball joints replaced at about 40,000 miles. The sockets in the A-frames were stretched to the point where new balls couldn't be pressed in, and they had to be tack-welded in place.

Original tires aged prematurely and cracked, causing the right front to go flat during a week's stay in an airport parking lot. Attempting to change the tire, I was unable to remove the wheel - as was the AAA tow truck driver. The dealer replaced the tires under warranty, and claimed the insulating glop between the alloy wheels and steel hubs which normally prevents galvanic corrosion had not been installed when the truck was built, and the wheels and hubs had corroded together.

I lost control of this truck on ice at 45mph last week. The first impact was between the right front corner and a guardrail; the second between the left front corner and the opposite guardrail. The frame was bent, there was serious front-end damage, the doors were jammed, but the airbag didn't deploy and the driver's seat belt inertia reel didn't lock up.

General Comments:

This was the base-model F150 with 4-speed Overdrive manual transmission.

It was not equipped with a limited-slip differential and was, thus, one-wheel drive on ice and snow. LSD was available as a factory option for about $200 US, but retrofit was quoted at about $2000.

There are no rain gutters on the doors, so opening the side windows even a crack in rain will send water into the occupants' faces. A/C is, therefore, essential, but isn't part of the base trim package.

The truck handled comfortably and consistently delivered 17-20 mpg on local drives and at highway speeds of 75mph. 1st gear was a higher ratio than in my previous, 1986 F150, and was more appropriate to a car than a truck, but didn't prove a problem. I just didn't get the sense it would climb a tree like my older Fords.

Ride was very comfortable, although the cloth seats wore heavily. Dog traffic may have contributed to seat wear.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2009