2001 Ford F150 XLT 4.2 liter from North America


I LOVE it and will see if I can't go a million miles with it


Replaced the original ignition coil at 90,000 miles.

Replaced the original rear brakes and all 4 original tires at 98,000 miles.

Replaced side view mirror control, engine gasket and o rings at 122,000 miles.

Replaced original battery and alternator at 138,000 miles.

General Comments:

The front seats are firm and comfortable.

Rear seats have adequate leg room.

Two different RBS iPod FM tranmit systems do not link with the Ford AM/FM CD radio display. I can listen to the music, but have to refer to the iPod for title playing.

This truck has adequate, but not over whelming acceleration, and experiences some hesitation between 3rd and 4th gears.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2008

2001 Ford F150 XL 4.2 V6 from North America


"Built Ford Tough." What a joke..


Bad Clutch master cylinder (common problem).

Transmission rebuild due to bearing failure.

Bad Starter.

Now the engine misfires under moderate acceleration. Not sure what the problem is yet since it just started happening.

All of this developing in less than 9 months of ownership.

General Comments:

I bought this truck from a ford dealer in June of '06, a used 2001 with 87k. I haggled the price down to $6000. I thought I was getting the deal of the century, but now I see how sadly mistaken I was.

This truck has been an almost constant headache. I can't wait until I've saved up enough money to trade this thing in for another car. I just hope nothing else major will break before then. Don't make the mistake I made and buy into the "Ford Tough" bullcrap, get a truck from another manufacturer.

To be fair, the truck has a good ride and I would genuinely enjoy owning it... if I didn't have to constantly worry about what will go wrong next.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2007

8th Mar 2007, 16:28

I understand your frustration. I have the same truck and I bought it brand new. I only put 82000 miles on it, when the engine went and I faithfully maintained it. The worst part about it was I bought the extended warranty on it and because my certified mechanic change the plugs. Ford said it was his fault for just changing the plugs. I am still fighting that. Good Luck with yours and what ever you do don’t buy the extended warranty.

2001 Ford F150 XL 4.2 from North America


Gets you and your cargo anywhere without burning the fuel up


Clutch master cylinder went out at 47000.

Has had a mysterious misfiring deal going on after sitting short trips on hot days. Took it up in the revs down the street and the problem cleared up. I now use seafoam every so often and it hasn't happened since.

General Comments:

Excellent, but unpredictable gas mileage. I've managed slightly over 26 mpg on a 200+ mile trip unloaded, 24 with 2 motorcycles, and one time I burned about 18mpg unloaded. No complaints.

Nice truck with good visibility.

Pretty comfortable ride considering it's a truck.

I wish it had a tachometer and cruise control.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2005

1st Jan 2006, 02:05

The kind of mileage you're getting seems unreal. EPA is 17city/21hwy or something like that. There is no way I've ever gotten close to the hwy mark on any of my cars. And that's driving with a light foot.

22nd Apr 2006, 15:23

I've owned one since purchased new and love it. Ride is very stable and sure-footed. Only problems were a spark plug assembly went bad and a leak in the A/C. Mileage is not great (16 MPG average). Overall an excellent truck and I WILL buy another one when gas mileage goes up to at least 25 MPG average.

9th May 2008, 21:16

I have owned a 2001 F150 4.2 ext cab for over a year now and it gets the job done! I can haul a ton of gravel or get 20 mpg on the highway. I like the mpg, but I really love the brakes on this truck. VERY user friendly.

It has gone 105 k miles without problems and it is still going strong. I think the base V6 could use more power though. It is comfortable, reliable, and well built.