2001 Ford F150 XLT Triton engine from North America


Very Satisfied! Would definetely buy again!


Brakes needed to be replaced at 36,000 miles, but that is usually standard for most vehicles.

General Comments:

Absolutely nothing, I love it. It is so reliable and tough. Built ford tough, metal frame, solid, no nonsense get out of my way truck. It goes great rides over rough terrain like a pro, rides great in the dirt, a little rough feeling on regular roads, but that's because it's a truck. To alleviate this check your tire pressure. At 46,000 miles have not even worn out the factory tires! Blew a whole in one and patched it and it is still kicking on the highway in speeds of up to 80 mph. Nothing has ever given me problems, front brakes replaced at 36,000 miles, it was about time. Starts great, a little difficult in the rain, you have to remember your driving a truck and watch out for puddles so you don't skid. Skidded once, but anti lock brakes kicked in right away, you can hear them coming to your rescue, skid disks immediately go into effect and quickly brings vehicle under control. Get an extended warranty for your peace of mind, but you can drive this truck until it dies! Whichever one comes first you or it!

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Review Date: 29th April, 2005

2001 Ford F150 XLT Triton V8 from North America


The truck is solid and with the improvements that I have made it is a joy to drive.


I have had to replace three ignition coils, two of them in the past four months.

The ignition coils do not seal well against moisture.

The seats are too firm.

The stock front shocks do not adequately control rebound.

The front wheel alignment shim system is not precise.

General Comments:

At 65,000 miles, I have elected to replace all of the ignition coils as I no longer trust the original units.

It is important to back up the ignition coil seal with a dielectric grease to keep moisture from shorting the plug contact.

Both Ford dealers and aftermarket suppliers know and admit that Ford ignition coils are a problem area, but Ford Motor Company does not choose to improve them.

The seats were far too firm and had little shock dampening, so I replaced the stock padding with thermo-foam.

The stock front shock rebound control was inadequate, so I replaced them with Rancho 5000 adjustable shocks and the improvement in handling was dramatic.

I replaced the front wheel alignment shim system with an aftermarket jack-screw system and gained very significant improvement in steering precision.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2005

2001 Ford F150 FX4 4.6L from North America


The best I've ever had


The only thing I've found is that the tires do not stay up on the rims after putting new tires on the rims. They need a sealant so the tires and rims can seal together.

General Comments:

I've never had another truck drive as good as this one does.

It gets really good gas mileage and doesn't need a lot of work.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2004

2001 Ford F150 SuperCrew XLT 5.4 from North America


Absolute waste of money


Alignment Problems.

3 separate ignition coils (there's one for each cylinder!) at $275 each installed by the dealer.

Rapid brake wearout.

No power, unable to pull small boat trailer at highway speeds.

Miserable gas mileage.

General Comments:

This is the most disappointing vehicle I've ever driven.

My 94 Suburban had twice the power, rode much smoother, and averaged almost 8 miles more on a gallon of gas.

All suggested services were done on time and truck is well maintained, but has never done better than 13mpg. That was on the Interstate with the cruise set at 60. Normal driving is less that 11 mpg. Dealer tells me I'm doing better than most owners. Although it has the "Towing Package" and 17 inch wheels, pulling a 14 foot aluminum fishing boat this thing downshifts on even moderate inclines and fuel consumption drops to single digits. And yes, that's with the overdrive disabled.

To add insult to injury, the 2004 retails for $5,000 less than I paid for this thing 4 years ago so I can't find anyone to buy this lemon!

I'm going back to GM.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2004

28th May 2004, 09:51

Dude, sorry you have had such a bad time of it with this truck. I own a 2002 Supercrew (4.6L) which gets 20 mpg on the highway, and while no powerhouse, will tow a 3-horse trailer at highway speeds (around 65 with the overdrive off) with no problem. I get 12 MPG while towing, but that is to be expected. The truck is comfortable and roomy (except for the bed) and a real joy to drive. XLT, power sunroof, all power, I am not sure about your local dealer, but I can't touch a comparably equipped 2004 F-150 Supercrew for anything like what the 2002 cost.