2007 Ford Focus SE 2.0 Duratec


Miles ahead of the Festiva, yet somehow NOT a Ferrari. It's just a Focus!


Right front wheel bearing went at around 70,000 miles.

Lost the transmission at 132,000.

Finally had to replace the factory brakes at... 117,000 (highway) miles.

The floor mat, carpet, and padding on the driver's side, are worn through in two spots from the heels of my shoes.

At 142,000, the suspension needs to be serviced for the first time.

The airbag lights come on from time to time, after a TV I was transporting slammed into the passenger dash while I was braking hard.

Driver's seat back cushioning is wearing out pretty badly, forcing me to admit to having a bit of a center lean when I drive.

General Comments:

Bought the car brand new from a dealer in Canton, Ohio back in late '07. SE model, with both the safety and convenience packages, and 5-speed transmission. 80% of the 142,000 miles are highway, hence being able to go over 115,000 miles on the stock brakes.

It's been to Iowa and back 4 times, D.C., NYC, Canada... even had a 2nd life in Pittsburgh for a while. 6 Ohio winters later, and still not a hint of rust. I even managed a trip to Pittsburgh with bald front tires during the winter of 2010 with no real issues in the snow... only bumped into one fence in Lawrenceville... (sorry).

It's certainly not a race car, and it's not quick enough to put a big smile on your face... but it's an entry-level Ford; if you expect more than entry-level performance, you're foolish. It's more than quick enough to gain speed on an entrance ramp to be above that of the traffic flow, and has ample passing power... though I've read that if properly set up, it can handle a 50 shot of nitrous with no reliability issues ;)... really want to try that one!

...but I digress. I beat the hell out of the car for the first year of ownership. I've had all four tires off the ground, and I've taught two people how to drive stick with it... so the tranny crapped out at 132,000, but I was lucky enough to have a mechanic who found a 5-speed out of an '09 Focus, with only 9,000 miles on it. That, and a new clutch and some bearings for good measure, and I'm hoping to get close to 250,000 before I have any more major problems. It surprises me to type this, but it's been a GREAT car. I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off... or I find a nice 94-96 Fleetwood/Roadmaster wagon to replace it with ;)

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Review Date: 8th September, 2013

21st Sep 2013, 00:32

Better choice, had a 94 Caprice & I'd buy another. Gotta be the LT1!

22nd Sep 2013, 19:27

Yeah! The Roadmasters and Fleetwoods both had the LT1 as well... along with the Impala.

2007 Ford Focus ZX4 ST 2.3 I4


Excellent car overall


Engine blown at 11500 miles.

General Comments:

Terrific fun to drive. Handling/steering/shifting belies the price.

Engine feels much more lively than 151 horses -- the torque of 150 lb ft likely helps.

Reliable -- No issues except the blown engine (I have no idea how the previous owner used/abused the car -- and Ford replaced it no questions asked),

All the comfort I need -- Leather/heated seats/Factory Sony 6-disk in dash mp3 with 500W/sunroof at a very very reasonable price point.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2011

2007 Ford Focus Wagon 2.0


So far, so good


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

Bought the Focus wagon to get better mileage and to replace our ALWAYS BROKEN DOWN Pontiac Montana. Wanted better mileage, but still some room.

So far, so good. The up side, no repairs yet, nice change compared to the Montana Monster. Gas mileage is about as advertised, 8.2 litres/100 km in mixed hwy/city driving. And plenty of room in the storage area. Though we do have a ski box for ski hill and big trips.

Negatives: seriously un-refined, but understand we didn't pay much for it. However, think the newer Ford's have addressed much of these issues. Although we do have some options (heated seats), it's about as basic as a car gets, and if you want fancy, this isn't it.

And the back seats are tight. Our girls are 6 and 8, and it's even tight for them. We'll probably need something bigger in a couple years.

We bought it for economy though, and at $8500, great MPG and enough room for our daily running around, it's a great alternative to a mini-van. And we've had it almost a full year without a single hint of a repair. Don't think the Montana ever made it 6 months without having to pour cash into it.

It's not cool, not fun to drive and you're not going to turn any heads. But I enjoy driving past the gas station and service garage without stopping.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2011