Fusion SEL 3.0

Very solid and competent, great value

100 words

Fusion SEL 3.0 V6

Ford really out did themselves on this one!!

493 words

Fusion SE V6

The Fusion is a great value Accord rival

220 words

Fusion SE I-4

Ford is turning about!

62 words, 1 comment

Fusion SE I-4

I like it

201 words

Fusion SEL 2.3 4 cylinder

Excellent car. Very nice

803 words, 2 comments

Fusion SEL 2.3 Four

Best domestic car out right now

299 words, 11 comments

Fusion SEL V6 3.0L Duratec

An excellent competitor to the Camry or Accord

333 words, 19 comments

Fusion SE 2.3L I-4

The Car That Will Save Ford

226 words, 78 comments

Fusion SEL 3.0 V6

What a real car should be

176 words, 102 comments

Fusion SE V6

Superb car, awsome in the city and on the highway! VERY comfortable!

227 words, 65 comments

Fusion SEL V6

Ford has a winner in this automobile

88 words, 2 comments