10th Jan 2008, 12:06

23:38 I agree. Reading a brochure is not a good way to judge the quality of an automobile. So in my longterm ownership of 5 domestic automobiles, one at least from each of the 'big' 3, and 3 from Toyota, I am more than qualified to judge each of them. In no way did any of the Fords, Chevys, or the one Dodge match the economy, performance, build quality, resale value, or driving experience of any of the 3 Toyotas. In every single possible aspect, the domestics were inferior, especially the Fords and GMs. Any Toyota car every put together puts your blessed Fusion to shame; it must be part of the reason why Toyota just passed Ford in sales again and is about to overtake GM as the worldwide sales leader. But wait, let me guess; the only reason must be Toyota advertising, right? Don't say that, please. It's the quality of the automobiles that puts them on top.

27th Feb 2008, 07:34

So the original poster is typically a Volkswagen, Saab, and Audi owner. Well I don't know about Saabs, but from a reliability standpoint, you can't do worse than VW and Audi. Know a friend who owns a 2002 Audi TT, and I have a 2002 Jetta. BOTH are total lemons. Electrical issues, engine issues, exhaust issues, and lots of money flushed down the toilet. That MIL light on the Jetta actually became my worst enemy for a few years. Yes... I'm thinking the Fusion is gonna make you happier than any European model ever could.

28th Feb 2008, 20:02

I think after owning Volkswagen, Saab and Audi, a Chevy Aveo would seem like a reliable luxury car. The European auto makers have taken a huge plummet in quality and are now producing some of the most unreliable cars made. Models of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes are included on several "cars to avoid" lists now. With the tumble in quality at Toyota I suspect we will soon see the Camry, Highlander, Sequoia and Tundra added to those lists.

6th Sep 2009, 16:07

I'm an import fan-myself, but even I will agree that the Fusion is a very nice vehicle. It's about time the domestic companies tried to keep up with the imports. I do like the Fusion, but I still don't see myself buying one. It just seems like too little, too late.

7th Sep 2009, 20:56

I've owned imports and currently own a Ford Fusion, a Mustang, a Pontiac and a GMC Envoy. None of the imports came remotely close to the reliability of ANY of the domestics. The worst by far was a Honda.

As for the Fusion, it is very clearly the best built, most solid car we've ever owned. The build quality of the Fusion is way ahead of the Mustang we own, though both are great cars.

The GMC Envoy is also an incredibly well built vehicle. It has close to 80,000 miles on it. This weekend I put it on jack stands, pulled off all the wheels and gave it a very thorough bumper-to-bumper inspection (I'm a mechanic). I was happy to find that NOTHING on it required ANY attention. The original brake pads still have plenty of wear left, all hoses were perfect, the drive belt looked new and none of the fluids were low. The ONLY things on this vehicle that have been replaced since new (in 2003) are the battery and one light bulb.

Our experience tends to support the fact that newer domestics are much better built.

Our Honda required new brakes every 30,000 miles. None of our domestics has ever had brake pads replaced before 70,000 miles and most make at least 100,000 miles before requiring anything besides a battery and oil changes.

Our last Dodge made 240,000 miles with only two brake jobs, two timing belts (required maintenance) and one hose.

None of our imports even lasted 100,000 miles.