Fusion S 2.5L 4-cylinder


67 words

Fusion SEL 2.5 base engine

Once you go Fusion - you never go back. Fusion for life

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Fusion Sport V6

A beautiful car, just not built very well

256 words, 58 comments

Fusion SEL 2.5 4 cylinder

I'd buy another Fusion in a heart beat

666 words, 45 comments

Fusion Sport 3.5

Amazing all around car

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Fusion SE 2.5 I-4

The only option for a mid-size sedan!!

138 words, 20 comments

Fusion SEL 2.4 I4

Ford does it right with the Fusion

169 words, 103 comments

Fusion SEL I-4

A disappointment

84 words, 53 comments

Fusion SEL 3.0 V6

The 2010 Ford Fusion is the most comfortable to live with every day driver out there

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Fusion SE 3.0 V6

The new benchmark of midsize cars

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Fusion SEL 3.0L

Almost very good!

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Fusion S 2.5L I-4

This is the best value in the segment, and it is the highest quality

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