9th Oct 2010, 10:53

So the extra billions in annual profit go overseas to their parent company vs just the labor expenditure. I agree, they just don't get it.

9th Oct 2010, 14:49

"It's American if the corporate offices are here. Where the profits are sent answers the question."

Oh really?? So why is it that whenever we hear of recalled products made by US companies in China, they are referred to as Chinese goods? You can't have it both ways. So all the product recalls of goods manufactured in China should be referred to as American goods.

9th Oct 2010, 21:48

Yes, people are so duped by foreign company propaganda that they forget that every penny of profit from a Honda or Toyota goes to enrich Japan. In addition, Japanese companies employ only 9% of the auto-related workers in the U.S. and pay far lower wages with far fewer benefits. People never bother to look at the facts. They just read Toyota ads, and assume they understand economics.

10th Oct 2010, 09:05

Yes, I'd rather be "duped" by the domestic companies that have had a hand in driving our country into the ground. It is sad that people support incompetence so highly in our country, and continue their blind faith in these same lame organizations. GM is still 61% Government Motors because they can't handle running their own business! They have to have the big government hold their hand, so they don't mess things up again. Awesome!!

So, if and when the government sells off their share of GM, and they go back to their same old ways like Chrysler did after the 80's bailout, I guess people will still support them. It has become the norm in our country to look the other way, as long as we feel we are supporting something American. Even that is a loose term in the auto industry!

It is these people that don't understand the economics that matter, which are global economics. The shortsighted thought of closing off our borders and buying Chevy's, Ford's and Chrysler products and foregoing every other brand really makes sense if you want a world depression really quick. There is a much larger reality then domestic vs. import cars!

23rd Sep 2019, 21:05

I know from experience that Google very, very often highly exaggerates their results and adds irrelevant results to buffer their results even further. The number of results by Google are not to be believed. Their algorithm includes many thousands of kitchen sinks as well. Gotta browse each results page to know when their relevant results end. Much, much sooner than you would expect.

24th Sep 2019, 12:46

If you guys what to buy Chinese goods at this moment in time, more power to you. I have had light bulbs burn out quicker, second generation fender and rocker panels that were ill fitting. We redid my wiring harness this summer and no overseas “equivalents” were purchased. I know the lure of low prices sways many. But quality and durability matter to me more. What bugs me is when a car like a Toyota, Honda etc is built in USA and they try to say it's a domestic. It’s Japan. An import. I used this analogy before: if I own a property overseas, the rent money comes to me in the USA. I own it. I can hire a property manager to work for me there. But it’s not American. If Toyota hires workers to build a car in the USA, the money goes to its owner in Japan. It will never be a domestic. I’ve bought cars with parts content from other countries. What’s that mean? Pretty much nothing. I suspect if you buy a defective part or it's already in a vehicle it goes back to who makes the parts for replacement. Like tires for example. I have Pirellis on my car. I know they were not made at the factory.