8th Apr 2010, 17:21

I see a trend starting to develop with the transmission in the Ford Fusion. So much for "it's better than the Accord and Camry". Well, it's still better than the Camry (at least)...

14th Apr 2010, 11:14

Our Fusion turns 5 years old this year. It is 100% flawless. If you look at the reviews, you'll see Camrys with transmission failures at 10,000 miles. Usually the first production year of ANY car has dozens of bugs to be worked out. Our first-year Fusion (2006) has yet to have anything except for a battery and new tires. It rides, drives and looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. I have lots of friends who drive Fusions. None of us has even HEARD of transmission problems except for this site.

14th Apr 2010, 20:26

"None of us has even HEARD of transmission problems except for this site."

I just did a 2 minute search and found tons of complaints about the Fusion transmission and other problems with the Fusion as well.

Point is, you can find complaints about ANY car out there if you look. Why? Because ALL of them have issues and problems at one time or another, and every manufacturer has had recalls for one thing or another. Just buy what you're happy with and stop playing the "my car is flawless" game because you got lucky with one example of any car. There is no perfect car out there, and it is the luck of the draw as to whether you have any problems or not. My best and worst cars in the last 25 years have both been GM products. One was "flawless" and the other needed over $6K in repairs before it even got close to 100K miles. Funny thing is the better car was the one I beat on daily and the worse one was a highway cruiser. They both even had the same 3.1 V-6 in them. You just never know really.

I'm just sick of the whole "my car is better than yours" argument. Just stick to reviewing what you own and making constructive comments on what you don't, especially if you have never owned the car you are bashing.

15th Apr 2010, 15:16

I agree with the above commentor. All cars have their problems. In fact, only a few short days after Toyota's massive recall, Ford quietly recalled the Ford Fusion hybrid for FAILING BRAKES.

People seem to keep going on about Toyota's brake issues, and more recently Honda's. I guess I'll just have to keep reminding people that no car manufacturer is perfect.

Hate to say it, but Ford is still in first place for the largest recall to date, with it's ongoing recall for faulty cruise control switches that short out and catch the vehicles on fire (often times in people's garages, causing them to lose everything if they have an attached garage and don't get the fire out soon enough). That recall has reached some 16 million vehicles so far.

16th Apr 2010, 08:42

I think the thing people are bashing Toyota over is their lack of response time and inability to admit their mistake and take responsibility for their errors. Sadly they learned these practices from GM and Ford, as they are now trying to be the biggest car maker on the planet. To do this you have to cut corners and costs and go with mass production on a scale that is really too much for any company to handle. Now their car line has suffered and it seems a new issue pops up every week for them. Now the big Lexus SUV has been deemed unsafe and gets the "do not buy" mark from CR. I am going to be surprised if Toyota escapes this mess to thrive again. No one I know would even venture on to a Toyota lot right now.

16th Apr 2010, 15:13

AMERICAN Toyota definitely did take to long to recall the vehicles affect by the recall.

Many people I know have purchased new Toyota's. I've recommended them. However, I recommended Japanese built models, as they were not affected by the recall. I would buy a new Toyota without thinking twice, but I'd check the VIN first.

A good friend of mine just purchased a brand new Camry (J-VIN) and she absolutely loves it. Very soon she will be using it to bring her family on a 2000 mile trip south to Florida for a vacation.

I've seen many complaints about new Toyota's on this very site, however, most of the problems are occurring on American built models. It's unfortunate to see that our quality control is so low.

23rd Apr 2010, 15:03

I experienced difficulty with the Ford Fusion 2010 transmission with under 12,000 miles. I have had it in the shop for at least two times. Both times I almost got rear-ended because the car would not budge when I stepped on the gas pedal, instead it just sounded terrible and it shook violently. It scared me both times. I feel I got a lemon and regret that I bought the car. Less than 13,000 and I don't trust it.

23rd Apr 2010, 18:51

If you stamp on the accelerator hard enough to provoke wheelspin and axle tramp, it's not the car's fault.

24th Apr 2010, 06:29

The person who wrote comment 15:03.

You're joining a growing number of people who are having transmission failures with their Fusions at around 12,000 miles.

8th May 2010, 10:21

I presently have transmission issues with my new 2010 Ford Fusion, and it only has 1200 miles on it. Started almost from day one, very load and forceful "clunk", mostly when car is slowing down (20-40 mph) a very scary noise and the "bang" it makes cannot be good for the transmission. I found there was a recall (adjustment), took it in and nothing changed, now there is an appointment for next week and they will drop the transmission and hopefully do what needs to be done to correct the problem. Did let Ford know simply because if in fact there is a problem, they will hopefully step up and get it resolved quickly so it does not come back to haunt like Toyota's problems. Had a 2007 Fusion, loved it, and hope I will feel the same way about this one, as the 2010 does have some nice improvements.

8th May 2010, 11:27

I remember when the Ford Fusion was portrayed as being the greatest thing since sliced bread. Domestic fans went on and on about how great it was. They all complained that they had serious issues with their imports in under 100,000 miles. Which I don't doubt, many people buy imports thinking they need no maintenance, and nothing will last without proper maintenance.

Ford was on a roll, but they just couldn't keep it going apparently.

25th May 2010, 13:50

I have had our 2010 Ford Fusion in for transmission problems x 4 now. Visited our dealer this past Friday, and joked that if I Googled " 2010 Ford Fusion Transmission Problems" I would get 300,000 hits in less than 1/2 second. I was mistaken... I got 804,000 hits in less than 1/3 second. LOL.

25th May 2010, 16:37

"Ford was on a roll, but they just couldn't keep it going apparently."

Really?? I guess that's why they are outselling everything at the moment and turning BILLIONS in profits. Oh, and I suppose the fact that Taurus is "Car of the Year" and Fusion still receives the highest ratings in reliability (WAY higher than Nissan, Toyota and Honda) is another indication of how they "couldn't keep it going"?? I guess that's why so many (most) of their products are rated "Best Buys". Please... give us a break. Stop reading so much Japanese ad hype.