18th Dec 2010, 09:30

Yeah, read the fine print on those ads. They are getting your money somewhere. They are probably listing that price with a certain downpayment included. These are tried and true techniques by dealers that have been around for decades, and it is how they get you to go in to the dealership. Why don't you call them and ask if you can come in and pay that price and drive away with a new Fusion. Let us know what they say. Better yet, give me their number. I'd love to get the actual details of that deal.

There is no way any dealer is giving cars away for such a loss. Why sell them in the first place? The invoice is over $18K on a base manual car. It just doesn't make sense unless the car is a turkey that no one wants. Maybe that is the case here?

20th Dec 2010, 13:16

The cost of living in the south is WAYYYYY less than the west or northeast coasts. A nice two-bedroom apartment in our city goes for $700 a month. My friend in San Francisco pays $2500 for a tiny efficiency. A few years ago (before W destroyed the economy), another friend paid $185,000 for a tiny shot-gun house with 1200 square feet in the D.C. area. The same month the 3800 Square foot 2-story Colonial house across the street from me went for $175,000. Since everything is cheaper, I imagine car prices are as well. I see new Fusions, Camrys, Malibus and Mazda 6's (all featured with automatics) advertised here every weekend for under $17,000. As a former car salesman myself, I know the factory invoice is NOT what the dealer actually pays for the cars. There is a huge rebate from the factory that is not shown on the invoice. A car-shopping trip to the south might be a good idea.

20th Dec 2010, 15:44

MSRP prices are pretty much set for cars, as are the invoice prices. I actually usually get better deals in larger metropolitan areas due to increased competition. Dealers are not going to let cars go for $1,500 under invoice, no matter where you are. They wouldn't bother selling them at that kind of a loss, even with back end kick backs involved.

20th Dec 2010, 16:35

Cars built new in a factory are not rental housing or used houses, being sold and sold again. If I buy a new Mercedes, I doubt it would be cheaper in Lower Delaware vs Northern De, even though many houses are half in Lower De.

10th Apr 2011, 19:08

Ah, this review seems really suspicious to me. The reviewer provides only general comments and claims to have had a lot of little things go wrong. Well that's all good and fine, but the reviewer fails to list one specific problem.

If you want to affect my buying decision, then tell me what went wrong with your car, otherwise I'll assume that the review is fake.

11th Apr 2011, 07:57

I have to agree here. I think this is an attempt to bash the Fusion. My reasons are the same, as no specific information is offered, and also they compare it to the Camry and Accord, and go on to slam the resale value of the Fusion. If they know this information, why would they have bought the Fusion in the first place?

11th Apr 2011, 16:03

I have a 2006 Fusion. If any Fusion should have had problems, the first-year model certainly should have. Mine has never had a single problem. After 5 years it is like brand new. I have to question this review as well. I don't know anyone who has had problems with a Fusion. After riding in my Fusion, several of our friends have traded their imports for Ford products. According to J.D. Power's long-term reliability survey, Ford has built the most reliable cars on Earth since 2007.

11th Apr 2011, 16:51

I tend to believe the reviewer. I've read a few comments that actually claim the Fusion is the highest rated car on the planet. There are comments on this site actually claiming that the Fusion is a 'perfect' car. I find that far more suspicious than someone who got a lemon from Ford. Despite improvement over the last couple of years, Ford is not perfect, and neither is the Fusion.

12th Apr 2011, 16:46

According to J.D. Power's long-term reliability survey (actual repair data gathered on 2007 model cars) Ford has been building the world's most reliable cars (the Lincoln to be exact) since 2007. Lincoln now surpasses Buick and Lexus, who traded places for the number one spot for over a decade. These survey results were released in March 2011, based on cars in service for three years (in other words, dating back to 2007).

12th Apr 2011, 20:06

No one said Ford was perfect, but this review is very vague. If you have problems with a car and take the time to go to a site to create a thread on your experiences, wouldn't you normally list actual problems? What is the point otherwise, other than to bash a car you don't like and probably don't own. If the original poster had come back to explain what actually went wrong, then maybe the thread would be believable, but so far I haven't seen that.

13th Apr 2011, 15:00

Wasn't 2007 4 years ago?

16th Apr 2011, 20:04

That's not the reason I questioned the validity of the review. It was because the reviewer failed to list any specific problems, and just gave general comments instead.

Every manufacture has lemons, and Ford is no exception. However most people who complain about crappy vehicles will list the trouble areas they had to prove their point. So why didn't this reviewer?

24th Nov 2011, 19:00

Interesting that you go on and on about the Fusion's reliability, but never list one specific thing that has gone wrong with the car. Makes me wonder about the validity of this review.

25th Nov 2011, 23:32

I agree with comments 19:00 and 20:04. If there are problems, what are they? As the owner of a 2006 Fusion SE 4, I can attest to the fact that it is one of the tightest, best built and most reliable cars I have ever owned. Not a single problem in 5 years. Not even a brake job yet. Just one battery and one set of tires. It looks and feels as good as the day it was bought.

The fuel mileage is extremely good (27 city and up to 38 on the highway). Power is ample, even with the 4. I take immaculate care of all my cars and practice "hypermiling" (driving for the highest fuel mileage). In spite of that, no previous import I owned came close to the reliability of the Fusion. Only two cars (both Chrysler products) have come close to achieving the fuel mileage I get.

I am so happy with this car, I will probably drive it for the rest of my life. I am semi-retired, and am confident the car will easily outlast me.

7th Oct 2012, 09:42

All I can say is that it was refreshing to find a reviewer who hasn't bought into the Fusion "ad hype" LOL! (or is that phrase copyrighted by now?)

7th Jan 2014, 08:06

You did NOT even list ONE problem you had... how is that fair and objective? A cars "reliability" is based on its engine and transmission, which you clearly didn't have any problem with.

So if a car's cigarette lighter doesn't work properly, I guess it's a lemon in your book...

8th Jan 2014, 15:52

I've owned a lot of cars over the years. Few have proven as well built and reliable as my 2006 Ford Fusion. It is as solid after 90,000 miles as it was the day it was purchased. Clearly a very superior car. No foreign car we ever owned came remotely close to the quality of the Fusion.

15th May 2014, 08:44

According to carcomplaints.com... the 2010 Ford Fusion seems to have the most complaints... 2008/2009 and the 2014 the least. But Ford made a lot of Ford Fusions... so the odds are that some owners are going to get the Monday morning built car... it's just the luck of the draw.

Also the 2010 started a newer version of the Ford Fusion, so it's best to let a car maker work out the bugs of a new version. Wait a year or two and see if it's a home run or a strikeout...

17th May 2014, 18:01

"My Fusion is currently worth exactly the same as it was two years ago,"

I find the above comment very difficult to believe unless of course the vehicle was a total wreck & worthless two years ago, and still is today; this claim seems improbable if not impossible.

3rd Aug 2015, 15:12

I used to see tons of these cars on the road, like one in every four cars would be a Fusion. But now that they're a little older, I rarely seem them at all anymore. So I gather your experiences have been fairly normal.

A used Fusion is worth about half as much as a used Honda or Toyota of a similar age and mileage as well. The only Fords with decent resale are their trucks, and that will not change in the next 50 years or more, no matter how hard they try.